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Plus Size Biker Shorts (May 27, 2020)

| Outfit Details: Shoes: Sold out from Fashion to Figure| Shorts: House of Rehab | Top: Sold Out from Boohoo | Purse: Amazon |

| Lace Biker Shorts | Cheetah Biker Shorts | Neon Yellow with Cut Out Biker Shorts | Pink Biker Shorts | Everyday Black Biker Shorts | Camo Biker Shorts | Black Biker Shorts | Metallic Biker Shorts | Mesh Hem Biker Shorts | Black Lace Shorts |

New Hair Do featuring The Style and Beauty Doctor and Gabrielle Corney (May 21, 2020)

| Ponytail Tutorial | First Layer of Gel | Final Layer of Gel | Combs| Brushes| Secondary Hair Brush | Hair Pins | Big Chop Hair |

Quarantine Looks ( May 3, 2020)

Note: Some items may be sold out. Please add your name to the waitlist so the brand can restock one day!

| Satin Duster | Drawstring Pants | Paris Clutch | Bodysuit |

Skincare during Quarantine (May, 1, 2020)

After following a guide from The Style and Beauty Doctor, I thought I’d share some of my favorite items using her step by step regimen.

| Cleanser | Periodic Mask | Eye Mask | Toner | Essence | Serum | Eye Cream| Face Oil | Moisturizer | Superfood Blend