“And when I go, they gon’ remember me like motherfuckin’ Makaveli.” – Tory Lanez


Plus Size Hoodies

Plus Size Hoodies Plus Size Hoodies Plus Size Hoodies Plus Size Hoodies Plus Size Hoodies

Have you ever been in your feelings so bad that you feel trapped? Your job ain’t right. Your blog is slowly dying. Your love life is like walking on broken glass. Your scale moves faster than a Richter because you’ve been up and down on your weight. School feels like the second coming. Yea–that was me. ALL OF THAT WAS ME throughout the entire month of February and most of March. Last week was the first time I took a much-needed break. I didn’t blog, didn’t do school work, and didn’t even go to the gym. I just went to church, and of course, God spoke to me, “YOUS A SAVAGE!”

For the longest time, I’ve been putting my hopes in other people. For two years, I legit placed a huge piece of my happiness in the hands of someone who was going through their own thing—talk about playing with fire. I started going to gym and realize that I was taking my health for granted. It’s like I woke up and didn’t know that I was privileged to not only afford a state of the art gym but that I could attend one with minimal physical restrictions. I was taking advantage of food and family.

But most importantly, I was taking advantage of God breathing life, family, love, and the spirit of savagery into me. With said, I am right back on track. Doing whatever makes me happy and developing habits of being grateful for it. On the outside, many people think I have it together–heck, my momma thinks I’m superwomen. And you know, she’s right! I just had to realize that I placed too much of my energy and time trying to fit in, trying to be the perfect girlfriend, trying to be the best version of me for other people. FUCK THAT SHIT. I can’t think of the last time ANYONE has bent that hard for me.

So in the spirit of savagery and “sorry not sorry”- hood, enjoy the blog and the transitions that I’m making. I’m happy to let y’all in on this journey and please don’t be a stranger.



Outfit details

Cropped Hooded Sweatshirt (size down) : Here

Skirt: Here

Leopard Fringe Heels: Amazon

Fringe Purse:  Zara, but it’s sold out! Amazon carries similar options such as Black “faux” Leather Black Fringe Clutch Bag

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