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Happy Tuesday!

Yesterday was a great day to turn 27! This year, I am focused on understanding myself better. Not just as a 27 year old living in Boston, but Chardline as the individual. Today, I want to introduce a brand that encourages the same of its customers.

Yona Love has created a line of plus size fashion–Yona New York–for the full figured women who wants color, pattern, style and sophistication. Who wants to be able to express who she is through her clothing. Maybe for the very first time. Yona Love believes that beauty is not about size, but about style and confidence. She wants women to feel liberated in her clothing. To enjoy what they are wearing so much it makes them smile to think about it. And to be able to feel comfortable and confident in any situation. Because that is truly beautiful.

I am a firm believer in clothing expressing your desires on the side and out. Not everyone has the same outlook, but I know when Chardline wants to make a statement, she expresses it inside and out (I know, I just spoke in 3rd person lol).  With that, I have partnered up with YONA New York on an outfit post that truly reflects Chardline the consumer and Chardline the “I want to look good for work and play” woman.

File 1 YONA

When YONA sent me their textured wrap shawl, I couldn’t think of another way to style it. I always love a challenge but this one was a little harder to style. So I stared at it for a while and then I said, “accessorize!” Once I put it all together, I WAS HAPPY WITH THE OUTCOME! Like my good friend always says,  Belt it! Shawls/Large Cardigans have come back into style and I really wanted to show some versatility to for the work place and at for drinks out!

File 2 YONA

To give it some of that Fall Action I love so much, I added my favorite fall hat!

File 3 YONA

And there you have it, work and play all wrapped up in one! Hope you enjoyed the post!



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