Where in the World Was PSB? #PSBTravels

Happy Thursday! (Told y’all I would be back)

For the past few months, I’ve been super MIA. I had great intentions to post at least once a week but if I told you the type of summer I had, it would take an extra season for me to explain it. But, I did want to shed light on my top 20 LOOKS from this past summer! Even if the items are sold out, please check out some of the items they have now! These items may even be on sale!! (HMMMMM SOUNDS LIKE A POSSIBLE CLOSET SALE IS COMING IN THE NEAR FUTURE)

Anyways, check out my top looks from the summer. Just a FYI, these aren’t the best quality pictures because I took them while I was on the go but STILL, hope you enjoy them!


April 2015  in Houston, Texas

Top: Forever 21 Bra: Victoria Secrets Pants: Fashion to Figure Shoes: Ross

Top: Forever 21     Bra: Victoria Secrets     Pants: Fashion to Figure    Shoes: Ross


Necklace: Fashion to Figure Dress: Fashion to Figure Sandals: Charlotte Russe

Necklace: Fashion to Figure      Dress: Fashion to Figure        Sandals: Charlotte Russe








June 2015 Las Vegas, Nevada 


Dress: Fashion to Figure     Purse: Novelty Shop


Crop Top: Rebdolls     Skirt: Pink Clubwear      Accessories: Ashley Stewart       Flatforms: Rainbows Kayla’s Dress: Rebdolls



Entire Outfit : Fly Girl Couture       Sandals: Just Fab         Necklace: Rainbows




Top: Lane Bryant       Skirt: Dia and Co     Necklace: Rainbows


Bathing Suit: Lane Bryant        Headpiece: Ready to Stare

Kimono: Fly Girl Couture, Bathing Suit: Lane Bryant, and Sandals: Urban Outfitters

Kimono: Fly Girl Couture      Bathing Suit: Lane Bryant                 Sandals: Urban Outfitters

Boston Curvy Fashion Week, Boston MA July 

Top: Chubby Cartwheels, Skirt: Lane Bryant,

Top: Chubby Cartwheels           Skirt: Ashley Stewart 

Dress: Forever 21, Belt: Rainbows, and fringe purse: Just Fab

Dress: Forever 21        Belt: Rainbows           Purse: Just Fab

Top: Heathen Kouture, Jeans: Fashion to Figure, and Plaid: Fashion to Figure

Top: Heathen Kouture       Jeans: Fashion to Figure          Plaid: Fashion to Figure

August 2015 Los Angeles, California

Jumpsuit: 247 Jewelry Store and more, Purse: Just Fab

Jumpsuit: 247 Jewelry Store and more            Purse: Just Fab

Bathing Suit Bottom: Monif C, Bathing Suit Top: Lane Bryant, and Tri-layer necklace: Diaspora Africa

Bathing Suit Bottom: Monif C        Bathing Suit Top: Lane Bryant            Tri-layer necklace: Diaspora Africa


Kimono: Charlotte Russe          Jeans: Fashion to Figure             and Bralette: Rebdolls

Hope you liked them and visit all these stores!


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