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In two weeks, I will be going to one of my closest friend’s wedding.  At first, I was filled with so much excitement. I mean, why I wouldn’t want to see Mrs. Naomi Lane walk down the aisle!?! But then it hit me, I have to wear a wedding attire. Too many times I’ve worn the most uncomfortable wedding dresses known to humanity. Having to wear a tight girdle for 5 hours+ and attempting to eat and dance is torture!

Luckily, GCG me Designs understands the burden of having to wear an uncomfortable dress to a wedding.  Last week, I wrote about GCG me’s Miranda Maxi Dress. I got so much positive feedback; I knew I had to get my wedding attire from there as well.  I wanted to wear something that would only require a simple bra and boy shorts (I wasn’t kidding about being comfortable ha). Nothing screams comfortable like an elegant plus size maxi dress!

There were so many options to choose from, so I consulted Kavah from the Gentlemen’s Curb. At times, I have no clue as to how something will look on me and Kavah has an eye for what looks best on curves lol!  So what do you think? Did he pick a winner? I think he did!! Also, a big shout out to mother nature for providing the wind! It really allowed the dress to show off it’s beauty!  So who knows, I might end meeting the future Mr. Chanel-Faiteau in this dress  (or maybe this blue dress got me feelin’ like Cinderella, when in fact I will be going to a bar in Jersey lol)

Chardline of Plus Size Beausion wearing GCG me Designs




Dress: GCG me Designs Shoes: Zara Accessories: Lane Bryant

Dress: GCG me Designs                 Shoes: Zara             Accessories: Lane Bryant

So I have a treat for you guys! If you use code CHARDLINE when purchasing from GCG me Designs, not only will you receive an extra 10% off (on already discounted items as well) you will receive FREE Express Shipping! It’s valid till end of April 2016 ! Please tag #PSBInspired if you buy a piece and you’ll be feature in my next post!! Hope you enjoyed this post!

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Toodles :).

Photo creds to the amazing Brittanny Taylor!


  1. March 29, 2016 / 3:58 pm

    That dress is EVERYTHING!

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