We Walked for Her: Making Strides Against Breast Cancer

For as long as I could remember, my family has had a history of breast cancer. Instead of educating each other about the BRCA gene or communal healing, we avoided the subject altogether. With each person we have lost due to breast cancer, we grew more silent and, at times, isolated from each other. The fear of knowing that one of us may be the next victim of breast cancer loomed over us like a dark cloud—that was up until I asked my family and friends to take part in the American Cancer Society’s Breast Cancer Walk.

In the beginning, my family looked at me like I had five heads. The subject that we have been avoiding forever was now being brought to the surface.  After a bit of convincing, 10 of my family and friends decided to participate in the walk with me. On the days leading up to walk, I sent some “Did You Knows” and constant quotes or encouragement. After all, I was taking my family out of their comfort zone, and I wanted to make sure we were ready to celebrate the achievements made in breast cancer research.

On the day of the walk, to my surprise, everyone was happy. However, the face that shined the brightest was that of my auntie Yveda. Auntie Yveda is our last surviving family member who HAD breast cancer. That is right; my aunt is in complete remission. As soon as we got to the Hatch shell, she went straight to the survivor’s tent and was flushed with emotion. Watching my mom’s face light up as she watched her little sister proudly sign her name on survivor’s wall was a tear jerker. My family went from going to secret breast cancer screenings to lifting each other up!

By the end of our walk, we had one group hug and wiped tears off each other’s faces. With all volunteers cheering us on as we crossed over the bridge, we could not be happier to celebrate our Auntie Yveda and our aunts who’ve passed away. Next year, we are going to do it even bigger! I can’t wait!

There are walks that happen all over the country, so check out their website here to find a walk near you and find out how you can create your own team to walk!

Check out some footage from our walk!Making Strides Against Breast Cancer Making Strides Against Breast Cancer Making Strides Against Breast Cancer


The memory of the day, my Auntie Yveda signing the wall as a SUVIVOR!

This post was sponsored by the American Cancer Society. The views and opinions expressed in this post are my own and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of the American Cancer Society.


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