Vision Board Goals- A glimpse into PSB’S 2016

Happy New Year!

I hope everyone is having a great New Year.  I know that I’ve seemingly disappeared, but it’s because I’ve been working on a project that is set to release in mid- Jan! (I feel like I sound like one of the Love and Hip-Hop characters. They always claim to be in the studio working on something)1

But I promise, that’s not the case.

On a more informative note, I want to introduce to you what Plus Size Beausion is going to look like for 2016.

I know you’re probably wondering, “How do you already know what you are going to post for the next 12 months? I know don’t have it down to a T per say; but by creating my vision board for 2016, I am ready to go.

Of course there will be posts of spontaneity and ongoing sales/announcements that are beyond my foreshadowing, but by creating this vision board will eliminate brief pauses like I had last year.

I can’t wait to be my most transparent self with ALL of you this year. I am looking to post more, share more, encourage WAY MORE, and introduce you to more beyond the lens of fashion and style! Still a staple, but I am going to take it to the beyond! Trust me, I think you’ll love PLUS SIZE BEAUSION 2016!


Now, don’t get too overwhelmed but here’s what my vision board for 2016 looks like:


I know that you’re probably thinking, “How is this your vision for your blog?” And maybe you weren’t thinking that, but it all makes sense in my coschedule. (Huge shout out to Alexis of Kurvy Katie for being such a mentor in the blog game) There’s a lot on this vision board, but I found ways to incorporate it into Plus Size Beausion without deviating from style and fashion!

I’ve actually never been more excited to blog! Also, please don’t forgot to subscribe to the blog because I send out bi-weekly emails that include deals and give-a-ways specific to my followers!!

Let’s go 2016!




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