Valentine’s Day in the City

Happy Monday!

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, I found some time to take a few flicks of myself before dinner. I’ve always hated the idea of Valentine’s Day, but I am not one to turn down a free meal either. I’m not one of those cynics who claims to hate all holidays but the truth is, I haven’t had someone to celebrate this day with in a while. It’s always been a  Singles Awareness Day  for me. I’m okay with that too. Only holiday I really like to celebrate is Haitian Independence Day!


We really got stuff poppin’ in 1803-1805!

I digress, me and my girls had a very early celebration of love amongst each other (mostly because they already had plans with their significant others and I plan to go NY to seem my favorite Haitian band). Like other holidays, I feel that Valentine’s is one of those days you can overly dress up…just because. Like Halloween, I like to over do it with my apparel…so for dinner, I felt like being the curvy lady (you clearly all don’t remember) from Titanic!

Photo 6

Rarely will you catch me not smiling in my pictures. If you do, it’s because I am feeling myself!

Photo 2

I know the cape thing has been done to death, but I couldn’t resist wearing this cape from Fashion to Figure! It was the perfect read to g with my all black look.

Also, I bought this sheer dress from Rebdolls back in November, but I am happy I actually got around to wearing it. It provides just the right amount of SEXY!  The REBDOLLS “SMOOTH OPERATOR” SLEEVELESS MESH MIDI DRESS is now on sale! Get them while you can!


The fascinator  provided the final touch to my Titanic-like outfit. There are plenty online for 20+ dollars, but try your local thrift shops to see if there’s anything you can find. You may be surprised!

Blazer: c/o Fashion to Figure Dress: Rebdolls Shoes: Just Fab Accessories: Assorted Confidence: ON FLEEK

Blazer: c/o Fashion to Figure ~Dress: Rebdolls  ~Shoes: Just Fab  ~Accessories: Assorted
                                                            Confidence: ON FLEEK

Happy Valentine’s Day too all! Love yourself…those around you…and hug your nearestPhoto 4 Haitian.


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