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The Life of the Plus Size Fashion Girl

Where have you been?

So I feel like I have some explaining to do.

The last time I posted, I was celebrating my 33rd birthday. And while everything seemed to be going in a GREAT direction, I was suffering in silence. But guess what y’all?

Ya girl is back. I feel like the same plus-size fashion girl I fell in love with. I am feeling better and… you know what, let me talk about what the last year was like for me.

New Job– Who Dis?

Exactly a year ago today, I took on a new job working for the City. I am a Black Girl in Tech, to be exact. I took on the role of the Digital Marketing Coordinator for the Department of Innovation and Technology. I honestly thought this was my dream– and don’t get me wrong, I love my colleagues, my job, and the City of Boston.

However, after joining my department’s DEIA Committee, I realized I was destined for something different. After holding leadership positions on both the Black Employee Network and Women’s ERG, taking two leadership cohorts sponsored by the City of Boston, and facilitating conversations/negotiations for the DEIA Committee, I realized that I wanted to be in Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI).

plus size fashion looks from Chardline chanel. Chardline is featured in Suffolk University's

I’ve actually never felt so passionate about a career path. Every day I find that I advocate for DEI in my home, content creation, and work life. It’s wild but AMAZING.

In fact, I applied for a couple positions, for the City of Boston, in DEI. I wasn’t successful in landing the positions, but it actually gave me more trajectory. It gave me the fire I needed to figure out what works for me. My therapist, family, and boyfriend have been so dope in helping me navigate this carefully. This brings me to #2. BOYFRIEND.


I know, crazy! I said the B-word. In all my years of blogging, I never spoke about a boyfriend. Maybe long situationships and guys I met on the plus size fashion scene, but never really a whole committed person. I am in love y’all. A healthy, non-obsessive, and growing love. I am still trying to figure out how much I want to share about him, but here are the deets I am comfortable sharing:

  1. His name is Jamie and he was born in Kingston, Jamaica.
  2. He’s a comedian based out of Cape Cod. He’s funny on and off stage.
  3. He’s a Registered Nurse and works in Finance.
  4. I think he’s the love of my many lives. Not many secrets between us. We rarely fight and learned how to talk things out.
  5. I met him the old-fashioned way: Hinge. The same day I decided to end an on-and-off 5-year situationship, I reached out to the last person I spoke to on Hinge and he drove to Boston to meet me the same night. It’s wild.

Want to make God laugh? Tell Him your plans. Two years ago, I was resolute in the belief that I would be with someone else and eventually move to NY. God whispered, “Dream Bigger.”

Chardline with her boyfriend . They are holding hands. She is a plus size fashion blogger.

Health = Wealth

I was always hesitant to share this, but I’ve always been candid with you. This time won’t be any different. In the Summer of 2021, my hip gave out while on vacation in St. Lucia. It was pretty painful, but I tried to push through. I kept attending my gym sessions with Naldine and working on my health outcomes. Then one morning in November, I couldn’t move. I literally couldn’t get up to go to my personal training session. My doctor told me that I had to stop working and that I should start regular PT sessions to strengthen my hip.

My joints worsened. At this point, I was seeing my Primary Care Doctor, Weight and Wellness Center, Rheumatologist, and Orthopedic Doctor. I was diagnosed with a genetic arthritic condition greatly impacted by lifestyle choices (food, drinking, and working out), genetics, and weight. I was 350ish pounds. The constant running and lifting on already weakened joints were causing my body so much pain.

And to avoid a hip replacement in the next three years, WE decided that Gastric Sleeve Weight Loss Surgery would be the best route for me to safely remove the weight off my joints, drastically change my eating habits (without falling back into old habits) and put me on a path to strengthening my joints safely.

It has been 8 months since my surgery, I’ve lost 100lbs, I’ve been cleared to work out, and my health outcomes have changed. No more CPAP machine, minimal to NO pain in my knees/hips, I have so much energy, I started personal training again (and I don’t dread it), and I am FAMILY PLANNING! I am really looking at the possibility of being a mom. I can’t believe that.

I am going to dedicate a whole other post to this process and my feelings during this time. This process hasn’t been all PERFECT, but I do not regret my decision.

plus size fashion looks from Chardline chanel. Chardline is getting weight loss surgery. She is laying in a bed prepared to get weight loss surgery.

The Content, Sis! What About the Content?

It’s crazy that I started off as a girl who was just obsessed with plus size fashion. Now, I feel like I’ve ventured off into sharing all things Chardline. I’ve been so open on Instagram about my dating life, health journey, mental health, family, etc. Now, I am going to open up on my blog.

There are so many things I can’t wait to “journal” about on here. Truthfully, so many creators have abandoned their websites, myself included. But honestly, this is the only place where I feel my safest.

So here is two ONE POST A week. Just one for now. I am working at it and can’t wait to start my give-a-ways again!

Thanks for always rocking with me!

Until next time!


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