Summertime Prints with Ulla Popken

Happy Friday, Friends!

I am happy to share a new brand on the blog: Ulla Popken. I’ve been playing it pretty safe with the colors and prints lately, so I had to feature a brand that allowed me to play around them. So I rarely do this, but I had to feature TWO looks because the love is that deep.

First look: Jimi’s Angel

Jimi Hendrix is a legend. Because of him, Psychedelic Rock is a permanent genre in my playlist. And if you know anything about his style choice, he loved mixing prints, bright colors, tassels everywhere, and so much vibrancy! This first look– entirely from Ulla Popken’s Studio Untold brand, channeled my inner Jimi Hendrix!

Ulla Popken Ulla Popken Ulla Popken

Fringe Vest (Size 20-22): Here
Pants (Size 24): Here
Hendrix Tee (Size 20-22): Here


Secondly look: After Work Vibes

Friday’s in Boston are all about hanging with your work family- after work. Grabbing drinks at the local beer garden or headed out to a local gig before heading home. This outfit is perfect for casual day Fridays at work but still stylish to head out with a couple of your work wives and husbands for a night out!

Ulla Popken Ulla Popken Ulla Popken

Top (Size 20-22): Here
Lightweight Cardigan (Size 20-22): Here
Jeans (Size 24- I would size up): Here


So which look are you feeling– personally I am split by the one I love the most but one thing is for sure: MY CLOTHING CHOICE IS GOING TO REFLECT MY EVERYDAY FEELS ON THE INSIDE AND OUT!! Make sure you check out Ulla Popken’s summertime selection! There’s a little bit of something for everyone at Ulla’s!


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