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Reebok PureMove

Happy Monday! If you haven’t been following my IG stories, then you’ve been missing out. One thing you’ll notice on both my timeline and my IG stories is my re-dedication to my health outcomes. A couple of months back, I’ve decided to move forward with getting weight loss surgery. Flash forward 5 months later, COVID-19 happened and all “elective” surgeries and non-emergency surgeries were put on the back-burner. With that said, I had to look for other ways to make sure I was addressing my health concerns. When my therapist told me about Parsley Health, I knew they’d be my last resort to helping me achieve my health goals because I’ve struggled with my weight, eating habits, and physical health for a long time. Long story short, they gave me some amazing recommendations, and alas, I’ve lost 30lbs since applying their recommendations. So it’s safe to say that I may have found something that works for me and that means no surgery for the foreseeable future.

While I am really excited about all the great work I’ve put in, it hasn’t been easy. One thing that I’ve had to dedicate was more movement in my regimen. This meant more at-home Zumba, private one on one training sessions, Tabata sessions outdoors, and more. Coming down from a really bad knee injury, I had to step up my workouts to accommodate my slow recovery. One of the challenges I found myself facing was finding the perfect workout bra. The constant bouncing, twisting and turning made for the perfect storm. Sometimes my bras would dig into my back, I would experience major slippage, or would feel lots of pain from all of the up and down movement.

When the team over at Reebok reached out to me about their PureMove + bra, I didn’t hesitate to try it out. Reebok’s PureMove + bra did not disappoint. It was very secure and fit me just right. For reference, I am a 42D. For me, the 3Xl EF fit perfectly. One thing I love about the Reebok’s PureMove + bra was the adjustable straps. When I initially put it on, I thought it wouldn’t fit. But once I adjusted the straps, it was good to go.

Reebok PureMove

Another aspect of the bra that I appreciated was the sleek second-skin design. It legit adapts to your moves. This helps with common slippage that happens under or above the bra. Needless to say, I am a fan of Reebok’ PureMove + bra. Also, Reebok PureMove tights are well worth the purchase, too! I am in love with the Motion Sense Technology that provides targeted support that and adapts to my movement. Even after washing, I love that it maintains its color and shape. The inner stash pocket is just a bonus!

Reebok PureMove

In the next couple of weeks, I will try and show you how the PureMove works in motion! But, if you’re watching my videos on IG stories, I wear Reebok’s PureMove + bra at almost every workout.

Reebok PureMove

Let me know if you have any questions around fit and sizing recommendation. Til next time!


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