The #LiviLife Launch Party Re-Cap

Thank you so much to everyone who participated in the #PSPfit #LiviLaunch party this weekend at the South Shore Plaza, Braintree MA. With over 50+ people who stayed around to learn about the new 



It was great to learn about the new Livi Active line and some of the key components that make Livi Active the amazing brand it is. The Regional Director, Sandy Hayes was able to tell me the function of each garment and how it contributes towards a great work out.


The part I loved the most was helping women try on their new Livi Active garments. Some women came through the door looking to window shop, exchange Christmas gifts or buy new apparel, but instead they left with full knowledge of the Livi line and about the #PSPfit challenge!

Livi 3

I was also honored by how many people knew about my blog and wanted to start #PSPfit challenge as well! It was great to see women who want to take charge of their health, one step at a time.

Women were signing up for all 5 of the raffles we conducted throughout the Launch Party. Some women never left because they really wanted to be one of the 5 winners.

Livi 2

The prizes included:

Livi Active branded product coupon for Core Legging*

Livi Active branded product coupon for Top*

Livi Active branded product coupon for Bottom + Top*

Grand Prize #PSPfit Bootcamp Membership*

Grand Prize Jawbone Up24 fitness tracker*

Livi 8

Livi 9




Thanks to LB for the super cool workout clothing I received! These are definitely my new favorite workout clothes!

Top: Lane Bryant Leggings: Lane Bryant

c/0 Top: Lane Bryant
Leggings: Lane Bryant

Also, you have a few more days to register for the January #PSPfit Challenge, so make sure you join us! I will dedicating one post per week to all the #PSPfit challenge so I hope you can tune in to check it out!

Lastly, thank you to the beautiful team down at Lane Bryant in Braintree! They are the nicest and funniest group of women that I’ve met in a long time! If you are in the Braintree area, please visit them!

Livi 6

Check back next week as I update my journey on with #PSPfit!!



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