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Happy Hump Day All!

With the frigid temps plummeting and Ugg boots becoming a permanent part of everyday apparel, there’s no better feeling than to look towards the summer. Last Summer, I spent more time in bathing suits than I did in an other outfit. From LA to FL and everywhere in between, I wore my bathing suits proudly. The summer before, it was a little harder for me to wear them because of the ridicule I faced on a popular website “OH YOU FANCY”. But today, you can put me on TMZ, and I don’t have a care in the world. Either you give flying saucer about what others think or you work on being the best version of yourself…and that includes wearing whatever you want UNAPOLOGETICALLY!

If you are ever in a rut in which loving yourself is hard or being able to fathom yourself in a two piece is scary, please take a look at Rachel Estapa’s More to Love curriculum. No matter what the shape or size, we all have fallen victim to feeling insecure in one way or another. Rachel created More to Love (MTL) as an opportunity for you to learn and apply body acceptance, no matter your size. Check it out!

Now for the juicy: Swimsuits!  Here is part one of my top 5 brands for bathing suits! These brands are all brands that I’ve worn in the past so I can attest to the quality of their pieces. All of these pieces range from $$$$ – $$.

Monif C- Of course Monif C has to be my number one choice. The first bathing suit that I ever wore was from Monif C. To me, she is the fairy godmother of bikinis for plus size women! Monif C didn’t waste any time either! In January, I was already receiving notifications of her upcoming line! One thing I can say about her pieces is that they have great compression and coverage. I hate bathing suits that cut into my rolls or allow sections of my body to slip out. Check out my picks below! And if you want to see more, visit Monif C.


M3      M4

Lane Bryant– With LB’s new ad in Swimsuit Illustrated, why not highlight a brand that is consistently working hard to listen to the concerns of plus size women. You may be familiar with their campaigns such as, #IamNoAngel or #PlusIsEqual but Lane Bryant works hard. Their work goes beyond their hashtags. But they put millions of dollars to initiate campaigns to help plus size women become part of mainstream society…not just in fashion! Last summer, I got my most complimented bathing suit from Lane Bryant. They are one of the best brands to have FULL SUPPORT when it comes to their bras and briefs! Here are my top picks:

lb 1 lb 4 lb3lb 2

Target- Target is a department store that I am coming to love! With options that array from tankinis to bikinis, they have a vast assortment of bathing suits. I’m not even kidding, I scrolled through 6 pages of options! They are also on they affordable side of the spectrum, therefore looking great on a budget doesn’t seem like such a task. While in Vegas, I wore one of their Ava and Viv bathing suits and two straight-sized women demanded that I find it for them in their size. LOL, SORRY…IT DOESN’T COME IN YOUR SIZE sounded like a foreign language to her. Here are my top picks from Target:

T1 T2 T3 T4

Swimsuits For All – Swimsuits For All has some real jaw dropping bathing suits. I legit want to take all of them. I bought an emergency swimsuit from them two years ago and have rocked with them ever since. Although their swim models photograph on the smaller side, when they launch campaigns they use models that are fuller. But seeing that their sizes range from 8+, I think they are a great! Their swimsuits range from conservative to classy, with a little room to play in between. Here are my top picks from Swimsuits for All:

s1 s2 s3 s4

Modcloth- Modcloth as always been one of my favorites! They offer basic and  retro style swimsuits that are made of SUPERB quality. Superb may be and understatement but I really do love their swimsuits. Ranging from a size 00-30, Modcloth carries some of the most unique bathing suits! Here are my top picks for Modcloth:

mm1 mm2 mm3 mm4


There you have it, here are my top 5 brands for swimsuits! Now this is only PART ONE! Part two will feature some of the brands who typically release their collections in the Spring. But to make things more spicy, you’ll be able to see 5 bathing suits on YOURS TRULY! I know how hard it is to shop for a bathing suit when you don’t know how it’s going to look on a woman with visible rolls, cellulite etc! So hopefully you’ll get an idea!

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  1. Cassie
    April 6, 2016 / 9:59 pm

    I actually ordered the black one piece from swimsuits4all a few days ago! Nice to see it on here too.

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