Sweaters and Tulle

Just as I thought that summer was truly on the horizon, New England gets slapped with a series of snowstorms. But of course after the snow storms, there are a series of chilly days to follow. Fortunately, I have a plan for those days. I received this sweater from the Lookbook Store and my first thoughts were, “I can pair this with some jeans and some boots!” I usually hate my first thoughts because it’s always the most conventional, ha! So I decided to take a less traditional route and pair the sweater with a tulle skirt. I know I know, I love tulle! It’s a guilty indulgence of mine. Not many plus size brands are featuring them, but I still love ’em.

Since Lookbook’s Cream One-Shoulder Sweater was meant to be worn as looser fit, I decided to lift up the shoulder and wear it like a regular crew neck sweater(yea, I am breaking all the rules today). Seeing that both the skirt and sweater were more “essential” items to the outfit, all I had to do was accessorize. Adding a hint of print and some gold accents, it made for the perfect date outfit. -side note, I’m not too sure why I keep making date outfits. I don’t even go on them lol.-  Here’s the finished piece.

Chardline of Plus Size Beausion wearing The Lookbook Store



Sweater: C/o Lookbook Store    Tulle Skirt: the thicky chicky    Shoes: Zara

So what did you think? How else would you rock this sweater? If you buy it, please tag #PSINSPIRED to be featured on my Instagram Page!

Until next time,



*Photo Creds: Britanny Taylor*


  1. March 24, 2016 / 3:02 am

    Huhu Chardline,
    I really this style with the big gold accessories 🙂 xx Jess @GCGme.com

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