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Between all the hustle bustle of work, school, and blogging, I never have to hang out with my girls! For weeks me and the ladies have tried to sync our schedules to go on a mini out of town trip. But let’s be serious, have of us are moms, bloggers, business women, etc– the odds of us finding time to get out of town happens every unicorn sighting. Therefore, we decided to have a ladies night staycation right in our own backyard. When looking for places to stay, we wanted a place that was close enough to the city in case wanted to go to lounge but has a lot of amenities on-site so that we don’t have to leave.

After we drew up a budget, we landed on staying at Studio Allston Hotel. Situated in Allston, Massachusetts, Studio Allston Hotel art museum hidden in an hotel.  With a whimsical art work and the nicest staff you’ll meet. Before the ladies got to the hotel, I had a chance to snap a few pics of the area.

After taking a few shots in the common area, I headed to the LA Suite to get ready for long awaited ladies night. We chose the LA Suite because of the feminine touch it had and the bar set up. We each brought our drink of choice and never really had to leave the hotel to go bar hopping! All four of us fit in the hotel comfortably as well. We all got ready and kicked off the night with confetti, drinks, and snacks before getting dressed for dinner!

Once the ladies arrived, it was time to get the party started! They were so impressed with everything. From the amount of space we had to roam around to the cute bar set up! You would’ve thought the room was $500.00 a night. But in reality, it would only be half that. So imagine splitting it amongst your friends? We definitely struck a gold mine with Studio Allston Hotel!

After laughing, crying, and just updating each other our lives, we built up an appetite. Unlike most huge chain hotels, Studio Allston Hotel has a unique tapas style restaurant below. And if you’re a fan of Latin food, prepare to be wowed by the wonder that is Casa Cana! Now, we didn’t have to get dressed up in super fancy outfits, but the vibe the hotel was giving us made us want to break out our sequins and bright colored dresses!

Once we were seated, the instant feels of Havana started flow through carefully curated decorum, while different genres of Latin music brought the space to life. One of my favorite things about Casa Cana is the tapas style serving. We each were given small plates for us to share the starters. Our starters ranged from Bacalao to Chicharron, and Mexican Street Corn! Personally, those were my favorite but the Yuca seemed to be a group favorite as well.

The waiter then informed us that before ordering, we should the main courses were also designed for two or more people to eat. At first we didn’t believe him but when he brought our our Kan Kan pork, Fried Red Snapper and Sandwiches, we were happy that we didn’t over order!

We ate all of it with no hesitation, which left just enough room for dessert! The desserts and lattes were a perfect night cap to long anticipated ladies night!

After dinner, we were so satisfied! We headed back to the room and asked for a roll out bed so that we could all fit comfortably! We are definitely coming back for another catch up date in the summer because we heard there’s an outdoor patio and the vibes are so festive during the warmer months!

So if you got to the end of this post, that means you were completely as drawn in as I was! If you head over to my Instagram page, I’m running a give-a-way in which one lucky winner will receive a one night stay at Studio Allston Hotel! Make sure you take a look at my IG Stories and you can be a winner too!! Hope you enjoyed the flicks and if you’re in the Boston area, please check out Studio Allston Hotel and Casa Cana! You won’t regret it!


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  1. April 29, 2019 / 8:19 am

    Studio Allston seems to be amazing. I like the idea of a girls night vacay in your own backyard. We really don’t take advantage of our own city! How was the bathroom ? The suite seemed pretty large and worth the price.

    Thanks for sharing !

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