As an Amazon Prime member, I gets BUSY! I mean, I am shopping for almost everything you can think of. From lady products to school books, Amazon is the REAL MVP. So while thinking of content to add to the blog, I thought to myself, “Can you make a post that is Amazon HEAD TO TOE?”

At first, I thought it was highly unlikely, but after researching some thangs, I put the perfect look together…and LITERALLY, it’s head to toe. Here’s my “Dressed in All Black the Omen,” look!

Plus Size Blogger wearing Amazon Fashion

Head: Guess who transitioned from crochets and wigs to WEAVES?!!? YUP!  I got these bundles from Amazon. To be honest, it’s pretty soft and isn’t shedding. It’s only been two weeks, but for the price, I am thoroughly impressed. Since I already had a closure, I bought three bundles and went to work! What do you guys think?

Plus Size Blogger wearing Amazon Fashion

Shirt: I’ve seen this “Brains, Beauty, and Booty” shirt EVERYWHERE…in a size S-L. I was actually getting pretty mad that I couldn’t find it. But of course, all I did a search for Brains, Beauty, and Booty shirt, and the first option went up to a size 3x!

Plus Size Blogger wearing Amazon Fashion

Skirt: Who doesn’t love some faux leather? Since I am trying to flaunt these curves more, I tried looking for a leather skirt. My issue with ordering on Amazon is not knowing if it’s a real 2x/3x or a schmedium 2x/3x. What do you know, this leather pencil skirt was a real 3x/size 22. My hips are a 55 inch for reference.

Fishnet Ankle Socks:  I am trying to get jiggy with this trend…still deciding if I like it or not. But, I wear a size 11 if it helps with sizing.

Plus Size Blogger wearing Amazon Fashion

Heels: These heels are the business. At first, they were very uncomfortable, but I broke them after cleaning dishes in them. I probably won’t wear them out much unless I have a numbing agent or wearing lingerie for my man.  They up to size 15, so ladies (and gents), get them while you can!!

Get the look!

Til next time,