One of the most frequent questions I get from my subscribers is, “Where Do You Get Your Shapewear?” I’ve tried many brands and nothing has come close to the slimming sensation of Diva’s Curves!

Disclaimer: This is for hardcore shaping. If you are interested in something lighter, this isn’t for you. It will make you look smooth and firm in all the right places. 

The product I am wearing is called the Long Black Compression Garment.

Here are some interactive before and after pictures so you can see the amount of compression and shaping.


Plus Size Shapewear


Shapewear Fitting


Plus Size Shapewear


Plus Size Shapewear

Different people have different opinions about what the function of shape wear should be. I can go over all of them BUT, my definition is plain and simple: sucks in the gut and smooths out the lumps in my butt. You can’t even see the under garment.The first two times you wear it, you have to get used to it. But after you’ve worn it a couple of times, it’s a lot easier to wear.

So make sure you visit Diva’s Curves if you are looking for shapewear that defies the odds.