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Happy Monday!

This past weekend, I realized that I need to get back on my savings plan. As a part-time grad student, a part-time blogger, a full-time government employee, and all around beauty queen, I find myself choosing between my nail appointments and dinner dates. Is this considered adulting? If so, I wasn’t ready! Upon finishing my regular routine last Saturday –mani, pedi, wax, and relax– I felt defeated. I spent over 170.00 dollars on a process that I commit to at least 2 times a month. I was pretty frustrated, but then it dawned on me: GROUPON! Although I have a lot of loyalty to my regular spa spot, they do not have a lot of loyalty to my wallet. I usually use Groupon to search for discounted hotel stays but I never thought about discounted Health, Beauty & Wellness Groupons.

Groupons offers a vast mobile and online marketplace where people discover and save on amazing things to do, see, eat and buy. Whether you’re looking for spa services or looking discounts on makeup brushes, there is a Groupon for everything.

Since I was just pampered last Saturday, I started researching on discounted services that were in my backyard. While browsing the Health, Beauty & Wellness Groupons,  I saw a few Groupons for Laser Hair Removal.  In the past, I read a lot of about Laser Hair Removal. As much as I wanted to try it, the sessions were too expensive for me.  With a bit of Groupon searching, not only did Groupon help with the process of me finding a great Laser Hair Removal spot in the Boston area, they were a lot cheaper than I expected. For 8 small sessions at the Four Seasons Laser Center, it came up to 99.00 dollars! Another aspect that I love about Groupon are the ratings and reviews included at the bottom of each Groupon. Reading open and honest reviews about the Four Seasons Laser Center put me at ease. With a procedure that is minimally invasive, you want to make sure you going to the right place.


Groupon for Laser Hair Removal

So if you are ever looking for discounted Health, Beauty & Wellness service, make sure you check out Groupon first! You never know how much you’ll save! Next month, I will follow up with my sessions at the Four Seasons Laser Center!

Until next time, Char!


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