Ever find yourself shopping around for something unique? You know, that outfit that you never tried before? Well I found this one store that carries beautiful clothing for plus size women! Most importantly, they go up to a size 4x!!! I’ve always been a fan of plus size maxi dresses but finding a fancy maxi dress (that didn’t show all that my momma’ gave me) is so hard. That is, until I found GCGme DesignsGCGme designs, develops and distributes a distinctive line of contemporary women’s apparel and fashion accessories worldwide.  Although GCGme is based in the USA, no matter where you live in the world, you can enjoy high-quality, elegant designer clothing at affordable prices.

If you look at my past posts, I don’t wear long gowns or maxi dresses because at times they always had a “cheap” finish. But, the one I found on GCGme caught my eye instantly! Chardline of Plus Size Beausion wearing a Plus Size Maxi Dress from GCGme Designs

Doesn’t this give a new definition to Maxi Dress?  This particular dress is called the MIRANDA – Half Sleeve Cross Over Maxi Dress with Waist Belt  . Working in a professional environment (you can actually see my building in the back lol) you need to wear “presentable” clothing everyday. Often times, I find myself battling between looking professional but not losing my sense of style. This maxi dress allows me to wear modest work attire and quench my insatiable thirst for style!

Chardline of Plus Size Beausion wearing a Plus Size Maxi Dress by GCGme

Also, I love the flow of this dress. It is always hard finding a maxi dress that doesn’t get stuck in between my thighs or other unmentionable places. Without getting into details, you know the maxi dress struggle! And to think, there’s A LOT MORE choices of dresses and jumpsuits to choose from!

Chardline of Plus Size Beausion wearing GCGme Plus Size Maxi Dress

Finding quarter length dresses that fits around my arms are also a hassle. It’s not easy fitting 19 inches of greatness into all sleeved dresses, but this maxi dress provides a little bit of stretch so that your arms don’t look like they are being stuffed in a can.

Chardline of Plus Size Beausion wearing GCGme's plus size maxi dresses

So what do you think? Want to try a different type of maxi dress? Currently, there are a lot on sale. I didn’t get to catch the sale the first time, but I am most definitely getting a second one! Maybe something around the lines of wedding chic lol!

Chardline of Plus Size Beausion wearing GCGme Plus Size Maxi Dress

Dress: GGGme         Designs Shoes: Ebay

Come back soon, I definitely want to highlight different pieces from this store because Summer is around the corner and nothing screams Summer than a dope maxi! Want to find them on social media to stay up to date with new arrivals and sales? Follow them on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest! Check out their blog too!

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*A huge thank you goes to Brittany Taylor! Her images are PHENOMENAL!