It’s been a while since I’ve dished on some plus size thrift shopping. I admit– I’ve featured a lot of my latest finds and gifted products, but I haven’t been thrift shopping in YEARS! One of the reasons for this is the experience of shopping in-store. Plus size thrift shopping can be very overwhelming. The fit of everything is subjective to the fabric and cut of the clothing. Also, I hate trying on clothes lol! I remember grabbing a dress that said size 18, and when I got home, it fit me a burlap sack. Because of these reasons, I started to frequent more online stores.

With that said, me and my Boston blogger boos decided to challenge each other to build the perfect date night outfit using at least one thrift item under $10.00! At first, we were going to do an entire outfit under 20.00 dollars, but the way my layering idea was set up, I had to give up on that challenge lol!

Date night looks are my favorite looks to create. Whether it’s your first date or 30th, the outfit you choose reflects the tone of the date. I am more of the laid back date girl. I like movies and dinners at crunchy vegan spots. But of course, I have to jazz it up with a little Chardline flair! I was so set on going for a Canadian Tuxedo look, but after trying it on, I needed a pop of something.

When I was searching on Instagram for online thrift shops, I came across Diva Express . I was instantly in love because it was organized and I knew exactly how the items would fit with all the in-depth descriptions. I found a fall-esque blazer for 7 dollars during a sale they were having! I actually bought two blazers.

This blazer was the perfect addition to the look. I paired it with my Chambray from Amazon and my jeans from Amazon as well. I like a little grungy details when I wear vintage items, so a little wrinkle detailing in the denim never hurts. Also, mules are starting to become a favorite of mine. Not only are they comfortable, but they are so CUTE!! To me, they rival a few of my heels! I got mine from Shoedazzle . But since they’re a little low on stock, I found these from Amazon: Sequin Mules, Chrome mules, and Heeled Mules.

Plus Size thrift shopping

plus size thrift shopping plus size thrift shopping

Blazer: Diva Express // Top: Amazon // Jeans: Amazon // Watch: Daniel Wellington // Shoes: Shoedazzle


So what do you think of my date night challenge? If you think did well, check out my blogger boos Bianca  Veronica , and Genevieve.

Plus Size thrift shopping

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