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You know what trend I’ve yet to try? Denim Dresses! Denim dresses have always been a straight size indulgence. I used to look at Rihanna in denim dresses and fawn over how nice they looked. They were so edgy and chic. When I used to look at the offerings for plus size women, they were appropriate for a casual work days with a wedge–never edgy. In the past year or so, cute denim dresses started making their way to most plus size retailers but they were so tight around the mid section that it distorted my desired look. Now don’t get me wrong, it’s not the brand’s fault, but I knew I had to look for something that would release my inner Rihanna.

Celebrities in Denim Dresses

After searching for a denim dress that fit my criteria (not too tight, no belt around the waist, light wish, no stretch , not too short, breathable, and still allows my butt to look good), I finally found one at Fashion to Figure! Go figures right? I am always there! Their Martie Denim Dress was exactly what I was looking for. It wasn’t tight at all and the v-neck gave my boobs a lot of space. Nothing is worst than a denim dress that compresses the sexiest parts of your body! I feel like canned meat.

If you are looking for something that has more of a fitted look around the waist, the Denver Denim Shirt Dress is a great option too. Also, I am a tan and denim fanatic– again, Rihanna taught me. So, I paired my dress with a gorgeous fringed purse from Fashion to Figure. Unfortunately, it’s sold out online but you may find it in store.

Speaking of in-store, to all my friends in the Tri-State area, Fashion to Figure  is having a SAMPLE SALE  with UP TO 75% OFF summer styles/accessories! That means you may be able to find my whole outfit in store!! So if you get the chance to go, make sure you hit the sample sale!!

WHEN: Wednesday, 7/13Thursday, 7/14 (8am – 6pm)
LOCATION: FTF showroom, 20 W 36th Street, Floor 8, New York, NY 10018
Now for my favorite part: ME :).
Plus Size Denim Dresses Plus Size Denim Dresses Plus Size Denim Dresses Plus Size Denim Dresses Plus Size Denim Dresses
Hope you loved the look. How would you style your denim look?
A huge thank you to Brittanny Taylor for her flicks! She always catches the best light in me :).
Til next time,

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