Pinky in the Lane with a Splash of Ruffles

Clothing courtesy of Lane Bryant, but all opinions are my own.

Happy Wednesday! Didn’t you miss me? With one more class left of the semester, I thought it would be fitting to jump right into some weather feels. I am not gonna lie; I miss getting on here and just writing my heart out to you guys. Also, a few people DM’d me about my capstone process; if you really want to me to talk about it, I can share some links to you or do a blog post. But for now, here’s a link to the small overview –> Chardline and Natasha.  

Now that we have some things out of the way let’s get into some style: WARNING, I HAVE BEEN FEELING MYSELF LATELY, SO THE ENTIRE SUMMER YOU’RE GETTING SERIOUS SKIN ACTION AND fewer BAGGY CLOTHES. My inaugural post to kick off the Spring are looks featured from one my evergreen brands: Lane Bryant. As you know, I’ve featured a few posts on Lane Bryant…from my Denim and Blazer days to my expression of Queendom , and lest I can’t forget the jacket heard round the world. Today, I thought I’d featured something that I am not always comfortable wearing: form-fitting dresses and colored jeans (don’t ask why I just always thought they looked unflattering on me). I tried them once, and all I used to see was cotton candy…which makes my throat itch.

The first outfit that I am featuring, Fluted Ruffle Sheath Dress, is something I usually never wear. I don’t really show my legs all that much because of my dermatitis. Also, I’ve always had a love-hate relationship with my waist because it’s grown from a 38 to 52 over the past two years. Nonetheless, this dress still hugs up on your curves without squeezing into your rolls. The fabric is thick so that you can wear it and panty lines aren’t visible, and it’s very “dinner night with bae” ready (side note, I am permanently auditioning for baes). Lastly, my favorite aspect of this dress is that my legs can move freely without rising. I am wearing a 22.

Lane Bryant Pink Dress Plus Size Ruffles Lane Bryant Pink Dress Plus Size Ruffles

My second outfit is also another Lane Bryant number. As I said earlier, I have an aversion to colored jeans. I remember loving them as a kid, but as my thighs got thicker, they didn’t look the same. However, when you find a quality pair of jeans that hug your thighs just right and still accent your waist and booty, you turn it away. These are your typically shapeless jeans, they actual lift, and contour without feeling so constricted. I’m not sure what type of technology they are using over at Lane Bryant, but please make more of these.

The Skinny Crop Jean With Ruffle Hem is great for the spring. You can wear them so many ways, but since it’s New England and it might be 20 degrees tomorrow, I thought it was appropriate to pair them with Bell-sleeve Sweatshirt Jacket With Faux Pearls. I’m not really into jackets all that much because I feel bulky in them. I sized down on this jacket because it is roomy in the arm area and breathable. Also, if you are a 9-5 office girl like me, this jacket becomes your best friend.

Lane Bryant Pink Dress Plus Size Ruffles

Lane Bryant Pink Dress Plus Size Ruffles

Lastly, I paired it with the latest addition shoe to my collection from Shoes of Prey. Shoes of Prey is every size 10-15 girl’s best friend. And if you are size For the past year, I’ve been trying to search for a comfortable leopard shoe. Everywhere I turned, I found size 11 shoes that were either Manolo’s (so not in my budget) or were too narrow. With Shoes of Prey, I was not only able to find shoes that fit my wide feet, but I was able to design them too! No more searching high and low for the perfect shoe! Now, I can make the perfect shoe without having to break the bank!

Ready to try em out? Use my code to get a free custom inscription on your Shoes of Prey purchase…this is very helpful when you have a gang of friends who all wear the same shoe size as you and start swiping lol. My code is simple: CHARDLINE.

So what do you think? Feeling the ruffles? Into the pinks? Designing your own shoes? I can’t wait to show you the second shoe…this it is so out of my element!

Lane Bryant Pink Dress Plus Size Ruffles Lane Bryant Pink Dress Plus Size Ruffles

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