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This post was done in collaboration with Nift, but 100% of the opinions are my own!

Happy Friday Friends! I thought today would be a great day for me to introduce a new favorite for my Boston Guide. As I’m getting older, I’m finding it harder to find exciting things to do in Boston, especially on a Friday night. There’s only so many times you can go to the same bar. However, with the help of Nift, you can look at different attractions in your own backyard.

Nift is an app matches people with local and small businesses according to their interests.  The businesses on the Nift network offer a gift (free blow-dry, free class pass, dining experience, etc.) which entices people to come to try their business. Nift gives millions of people gifts they love while bringing in the foot traffic that makes neighborhood businesses thrive. Once you sign up, you can use your gift to discover another great local business. Eat. Play. Shop. Local.

Before I tried Nift out, I assumed I knew new all the popular spots in Dorchester. All the bars, gyms, hair salons, nail salons, boxing classes, you name it. I thought I was the encyclopedia for Dorchester attractions. After signing up for Nift, I discovered The Boston Harbor Distillery, and let me tell ya, it’s a hidden gem for sure.

So I wanted to share my experience over at The Boston Harbor Distillery and how the gift of $30 using Nift went a long way!



Nestled at the Port on Boston Harbor, Boston Harbor Distillery is every American History aficionados dream. THAT’S ME! Boston Harbor Distillery was built in one of the last remaining mill buildings in the Boston area. Rundown and neglected, it took over a year for founder Rhonda Kallman to renovate and bring it to life. The team behind Boston Harbor Distillery also includes master distiller John Couchot and co-founder and proprietor Corey Bunnewith.

I love the decor of Boston Harbor Distillery, it’s a healthy mix of the past and present. Unlike most distilleries, the common area isn’t freezing cold. With the distillery’s exposed brick, crisscrossing beams and high ceilings, the structure serves as both a distillery and event space. It’s very welcoming and has some of the most comfortable seating I’ve experienced. With a case filled with books and games to the right of you, the space automatically gives you a “kick back and stay a while” vibe.

Entry Way
Books and Games in the main area

What to do at Boston Harbor Distillery

The beautiful thing about Boston Harbor Distillery is that you don’t feel forced to do anything. Boston Harbor Distillery is more than a production facility, they are building a community guided by their grain-to-glass philosophy and a deep desire to create a destination inspired by New England and it’s people. You can literally walk around. Talk to staff members. Join in on tour, schedule a tour in advance, ask questions and more. Also, all of their Boston Habor Distillery spirits are available for purchase at the distillery!

Hours of Operation

Open to the Public: Fridays 3-8 pm,

Saturdays & Sundays from 1-6 pm

Standard Tours are on a first-come, first-serve basis and on Friday, tours are at 4:00 and 6:00 p.m. and on Saturday and Sunday, tours are at 2:00 p.m. and 4:00 p.m.

The VIP Distillery Tour is $40 per person and is offered Friday, Saturday and Sunday Sign up in advance to reserve a spot.

Harbor Distillery
12 Ericsson Street Boston, MA 02122
***Neponset/Dorchester section***

NIFT Boston Harbor Distillery

My Recommendation

As a millennial who’s always immersed in history, but often accompanied by a smooth Whiskey, the VIP Whiskey Tour is a BANG FOR YOUR BUCK! For $40.00, you can take VIP tour at the whiskey distillery led by one of Boston Harbor Distillery‘s experts. The tour includes a tasting of Putnam New England Whiskey expressions (Rye, Single Malt, Bourbon); Spirit of Boston line up of distilled Sam Adams beers; other exclusive spirits and a barrel room experience. Also, you’ll learn so much about Boston and the history of our nation.


The Map Room was my favorite place! As a City Planner, I am always so fascinated by how our founding fathers drew up city limits, boundaries, and what structures existed in my neighborhood. But honestly, learning about the intricacies of distilling was fascinating in itself. I can truly attest to every bottle of whiskey not being made equally.


And you know what made this experience even better? Because of my gift from Nift, I only paid $10.00 for the tour! This allowed me to head to the gift shop and get a few things for my new house!

So are you a believer yet? If Whiskey isn’t your thing, Nift partners with tons of local brands! However, if you’re looking for a cool new spot with great vibes and a welcoming atmosphere, this spot! Now here’s the fun part, the team over at Nift is gifting my 50 readers a $30 gift card to Boston Harbor Distillery! All you have do is download the Nift App and use my referral code to get your card. USE CODE: ChardlineChanel2020!

Make sure you follow Boston Harbor Distillery for updates!

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