Naughty in my Nautical

Happy Hump Day!


Now that I am finally coming down from my #GoldenConfidence Pool Party high, I thought it would be great to switch gears to some personal style posts. Last week I left off with a post featuring Dia & Co’s styling service. Today, I want to show the 2nd garment I styled from my Dia & Co Spring Box! I am sucker for mixing prints…but I am truly a minimalist as heart when it comes to mixing them. When I saw this nautical top from my Spring Box, I couldn’t help but pair it up with some polka dots!


I love this ensemble because it’s busy but simple. That’s pretty much how my head functions.


In addition to my nautical top, I paired it a blazer that I received from my Winter Dia&Co Box! Talk about versatility! This is one of the more admirable aspects of Dia & Co, providing quality clothing that can be used more than one way. I am sure I blogged about this specific blazer about 3 times, but it’s still one of my sturdiest and color safe blazers I have.

My "naughty in nautical" face looks so funny!! I look like the mega creep!

My “naughty in nautical” face looks so funny!! I look like the mega creep!

Lastly, some electric blue pants and my most comfortable heel from Lane Bryant did the trick!!

I hope you enjoyed this post! I still have a few more items to style that look would great for the summer. Make sure you come back to see what I have in store for those pieces! Until next time,




Special Shout out to ToKYO photography!! Check her out!!


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