Mother’s Day 2020

I come from an amazing lineage. While navigating feelings and expressing love has always felt like a generational curse, as we got older we learned each other’s love language. For example, my great-grandmother had piercing eyes and it always felt like she was getting ready to yell at us. But, that was her making sure we were protected and not getting into trouble.

My grandmother had the softest eyes and would do anything for her loved ones. She killed you with kindness and was the most giving person. In fact, when she came from Haiti, she bought a house for her daughters. Soon thereafter, the house went onto the next generation, that’s me! She would regularly sneak twenty dollars into my pocket every time I went over. She also loved to cook.

My mother, who is no stranger to the blog, is a healthy mix of both her mother and grandmother. She can come off very sweet and is very giving. She even extends her loyalty to friends of the family. In the same breath, you don’t want to cross her. That’s when you see those piercing eyes. Gotta love that woman, though. She’s constantly holding us to a high standard and making sure we are reflective of our toxic habits.

I can truly attest to being blessed that my mother and I live in the same two-family unit because I genuinely need to check on her and my family every day during these scary times. Even the slightest cough or runny nose will have me in the kitchen brewing Turmeric Tonic making natural remedies. Also, living under the same roof as allowed us to continue our annual tradition: Mother’s Day featuring Eloquii. Check out our photos from 2018 and 2017.

Last year we weren’t in the mood to do the shoot because we recently lost the matriarch of our family. It was tough dealing with her loss…heck, it’s still really hard now. But two years later, here we are in front of the very house that was passed down from my grandmother.

To mothers everywhere, we appreciate you. Every time I think about the type of mother I’ll be, I can’t help but reflect on my mom and grandmother. I will be generous but instill the values of hard work and sacrifice. I will be loving and will teach my children about God’s love.

I want them to experience how my grandmother and mother introduced me to God. I want them to see how important it is to respect myself and, prayerfully, my husband. I want them to be ready to receive this house, and when it’s their time to carry the torch, hopefully, they can buy out the block so more people aren’t displaced due to gentrification.

I pray for all this and more but I first and foremost, have to thank my mom for giving me the clarity and dedication to wanting to leave this world better than when I came in. If it weren’t for her, my grandmother, great grandmother, aunts, older cousins, my sister, and more, I would miss out on some important life lessons.

To all the people who experiencing Mother’s Day without a mom, you are in my heart. In many ways, my grandmother was like my mom, and every year it feels hard not speaking to her on Haitian Mother’s Day. For those who are lamenting the loss of a mother they felt they never had, you are in my heart as well. Navigating life without a mom can be tough– especially when around this time of the year. Sending you lots of love!

Happy Mother’s Day,

-from Chardline and my lineage.

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