Leopard Strikes Again

Remember that time where leopard print became everyone’s neutral? I am feeling that. Leopard print has become one of those “you can wear it with anything” type of print. While most of us opt to add a pop leopard to bring out red hues in an outfit, I decided to go all leopard to bring out the cat-like creature hidden on the inside of Chardline. Whenever I’m stuck with looking for a print, Eloquii is the first place I check. No for real, I am not kidding!! Eloquii restocks most of their items and if you try Googling “Plus Size Leopard Skirt”, it’s one of the first that comes up!

So today, I decided to go Eloquii from head to toe featuring their Printed V-Neck Bodysuit and Neoprene Column Skirt . I initially ordered these in December, but they are still fully stocked and ready to order!! While I initially wanted to pair the V-Neck Bodysuit with some black jeans and a blazer, it felt like something I did before. So I really wanted to see how it would look if I paired it with another leopard skirt.




The jury is still out on this look, but I want to hear your thoughts…how would you rock leopard prints together? While I always strive for Cookie Lyons vibe, I wanted to experiment with some matching prints that I’ve seen in many of the straight size fashion columns.



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