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Happy Friday!

Today, I am very excited to introduce the first part of my vision board for 2016: Partnership. Over the past year, I’ve been mulling over whether I would want to bring on a male contributor. I’ve received many inquiries from men who are looking for clothing but I could only refer them to a few male bloggers who didn’t always fit their criteria.

One day, I reached out to my friend Kavah and asked him, “How would you feel about being a contributor for Plus Size Beausion?” After much deliberation, he was on board.

Now you’re probably wondering, “What’s a male contributor doing on your blog?” It’s quite simple, MY BLOG…MY RULES! No, but really; I believe that partnership should be encourage amongst all people. There’s a delicate balance in life that I would like to keep working on and leveling the playing field is a great first step.

Not only will Kavah give his personal style and fashion tips to the blog, but he will be the ring leader in my newest segment: Fitness Fridays! I will talk more about this later, but without further adieu, KAVAH KING.



Hailing from Brooklyn, NY,  Kavah is an artist in all sense of the word. He officially launched his style and fitness blog; The Gentlemen’s Curb , in December 2015 and is consistently building his name is the world of fashion.

His blog  promotes physical wellness, on the inside and out. If you feel great on the inside, it will surely show on the outside.  As a bigger male,  he was routinely excluded from
the latest fashion trends, cheering on the sidelines and never a participant.  Also, when he’s not dabbling in the world of art, he constantly trying to build a healthier self.


Instead of writing more about Kavah, I will let all of my readers see Kavah’s talents for themselves!

But for now, if you’d like to see more of his work, check him out at his social channels:

[email protected]
@gentlemenscurb Twitter/Instagram

Toodles :).


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