Ivy Park Made Me Do It

Hey Friends! We have to admit, it’s been a while since I’ve been on here. I had such a productive 2020, despite being in the midst of a pandemic. I had the honor of working with some AMAZING brands. From Pantene, Dove, LOFT, Target, to some awareness campaigns around mental health. Truly I’ve been blessed!

Now that I’ve had a chance to recalibrate, I had to come back on my Beyonce ish! Now, y’all know that I am not big on the latest trends. I am usually someone who stays in her comfort zone. Showing a little bit of skin and bold moments from time to time. However, after seeing my homegirl Danielle Young rocking her Ivy Park looks, it totally set off the mood for this year.


It took Danielle’s post to remind me that nothing new came out of comfort zones. In fact, more of the same sometimes is a hindrance. With that said, I’m trying something new: making the latest trends my own! This doesn’t just mean fashion trends, but trends that I’ve seen many of my peers speaking passionately on. Whether it’s being intentional about my money and redirecting it to help Black owned businesses. Or being transparent about my journey with mental health illness and how I work at it every day. Or my favorite: owning up to a lot of the poor relationship choices I’ve made instead of blaming the other party. Yup, I am going to try it all. However, today, I am going to give you a little thigh action because Ivy Park and Beyonce made me do it!

Also, before I share this amazingness, I had to share some of my FAVORITE curvy girls who SLAYED Ivy Park’s latest SOLD OUT collection:

Okay, now MY TURN!

Ivy Park
Ivy Park

Listen, I don’t think I’ve ever been happier to see something so radiant and scary. Don’t be afraid to scare yourself times. Sometimes I would talk myself out of outfits by saying things like: I won’t get a job if i wear this. Or my favorite: You want a man to take you serious? You should cover up.


In reality, I was trying to protect myself from what others might say about me. Protect myself from having to rebuild myself after trolls take turns throwing rocks at me. Self esteem building is a life long journey…but you have to start somewhere.

Ivy Park

So if you’re looking for change of pace, I suggest the first place is to look outside your comfort zone. The unknown is scary but the end product can be so worth it!

Outfit details: As I stated earlier, this collection from Ivy Park is pretty much sold out but I was able to find a few more pieces at , , and Shoe Palace.

Til next time,


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