It’s that time of the year: Bundle Up! (part 1)

Jacket Season


It’s about that time of the year where Spring jackets are no longer going to cut it for these cold days. I’ve been searching for the perfect jacket for this season but there are so many to choose from.

Buying jackets are always so hard because you have understand their measurement system (which differs from place to place) and you have to account for layering as well without looking bloated.

I found some great tips when purchasing the perfect winter coat in the Denver Post. Some of these great tips were:

  • You’ll find everything from pastels to bold colors, so think about what will flatter you and the rest of your wardrobe.
  • Consider the coat’s silhouette and length, and how that is going to work with the existing clothes in your winter wardrobe.
  • Keep your figure in mind. A clean-lined, knee-length coat will make a person look tall and slim, while a shorter coat with details like big pockets, cuffs or a ruffle at the hemline will add bulk to the figure.
  • Be mindful of fit when you’re trying on outerwear, and don’t forget about tailoring.
  • Add color to your winter look without buying a new coat by adding accessories.

With these tips in mind, now we are ready to look for the perfect winter jacket!


1.  asos

Asos is always a catch all for me because whatever I need, it’s more than likely there. Here are some of my favorite coats they have this year.


I love these jackets because of how much versatility and they feature a lot of this year’s trends. Of all the coats on Asos’ website, I fell in love with this one in particular:


ASOS CURVE Fit & Flare Coat

It gives me a baby doll type of feeling plus it is longer in the back so no more rising for me.



Jessica London never disappoints me when it comes to the winter season. They always carry very classy looks when it comes to their jackets.


I love the diversity of the collection of jackets this year as well but this jacket steals the cake for me:

Long Military Coat

Long Military Coat

Although this jacket comes in two other colors, I love the dark green contrast with the gold buttons and this jacket can be worn formally and casually.


Honorable mention post has to go to City Chic for this beautiful coat.

Princess Coat

Princess Coat


3. Capture

Ashley Stewart also has a lot of trendy options that are VERY affordable. Make sure you get them while they are hot!


With Ashley Stewart, I would definitely size up because you may want to layer up with these styles.

Of all the jackets, I fell in love with this jacket on Samantha Lebbie.

Cheetah Print Trench Coat $48.65

Cheetah Print Trench Coat


4. mLOGO

Modcloth will always be my hidden jewel. From their quirky description of their clothes to their trendy options, I will always be a loyal customer.

Here were my favorites from their Jacket/Coat section.


The winter white jacket looks regal, but none of them captured my attention more than this one:

Tiering Up My Heart Coat

Tiering Up My Heart Coat



5. evans logo

If you are into more toned down styles, Evans is the place for you. I know how overwhelming it can be for someone who sticks to a few different styles but be bombarded with everything under the rainbow.

Here are some of their coat options this season:


I am known for being very eccentric with my style, but I must say that their are a few great buys in here.

This coat takes the cake for me though :



Make sure you visit again to see part 2 of the best places to get jackets for this season.



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