It takes a village: “A Cinderella Story”

Happy Friday!!

I wanted to end this work week on a happy note. A little over a month ago, Désirée from the United Sister’s of Color reached out to me about a request that was truly heart wrenching. She needed a dress for a young woman to go to prom. While she went on prom trips with all her friends, all of the stores did not carry anything past a size 22. She had since decided not to go to prom and wanted to skip graduation too.

Reflecting over my prom experience, I remember a lot of my friends going to boutiques to get their prom dresses but they all went up to a size 12 at most. I did end up finding a prom dress (and prom date) a week before prom but I remember how crushed I was when I couldn’t find anything. Me and my mother ended up going to David’s Bridal and I saved up all my coins to get this dress!

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Cute right…lol. But this isn’t about me…EHEM!

So after reading that message, I organized an email among women in the plus industry that I’ve worked with in the past and some I hope to work with down the line! The response to support the cause was overwhelming! I loved it! I am starting to understand the phrase “It takes a village” because it took a lot of teamwork to make this dream work. Once Desiree set up the Go Fund Me account to help buy a dress, the donations came pouring in! Amazing bloggers like Bianca of Curvaceously Bee, Alexis of Kurvy Katie, and stylist Ty-Juana were among the amazing donors.

A few days later, Nanthale Collins responded back to the email and she saved the day. Nanthale is a well-known Fashion and Image Consultant from NYC and she was so kind to work with a few brands to provide the winning look for the day! In the end, we didn’t have to use the funds from the fundraiser, BUT Desiree has saved the funds for next year’s prom drive to ensure that every youth has a prom dress option, even if they are bought last minute. While Nanthale was hard at work organizing a few looks and reaching out several brands, a few brands followed up with my PSA and even agreed to donate from their own collections! A special thank you goes to BUXOM Modern Plus Boutique for donating a beautiful skater dress that was adorable!

When Nanthale finished putting all the final touches to operation “Get Baby Girl to Prom”, I reached out to an amazing friend and photographer Tokyo, who donated her time and services to make sure her every moment was captured on her big day! A huge thank you goes to Lane Bryant for donating accessories and undergarments that perfectly complimented the Sydney’s Closet winning dress!

I know I know…you are all waiting for her look, well follow along the picture trail to see how amazing her day came out to be!

DSC_5413DSC_5414  DSC_5425 DSC_5511 DSC_5558 DSC_5569 DSC_5596 DSC_5615 DSC_5624 DSC_5680 DSC_5724 DSC_5728 DSC_5662

Looking back at these pictures definitely makes me tear up a bit. I would to thank everyone who responded back to my call in any way shape of form because her mother was overwhelmed with happiness.  Both of them were more than grateful and here’s another Cinderella story in the books!!

Have a great weekend all,



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  1. June 5, 2015 / 9:26 pm

    What a wonderful story!! I didn’t go to my prom. I was a size 18 (which seemed huge at the time) had no date, no dress, and no hope. That was eons ago. Things have changed for plus sizers. She is so beautiful and looks so happy.

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