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Y’all! It’s been a whole month since I’ve posted on here. I didn’t do much planning for 2018 and I kinda snowballed into it. Usually when I am feeling stuck and lost like this, I look for sources of inspiration to get me right on track. Every year I usually write a post about my goals and how I am going to actualize them for the year. While we all know that I can write for hours, I thought I could try something different. Actually, my mantra for 2018 is ‘Somethin’ Different.’

instead of me writing about how I want to do better as a person, blogger, influencer, and careerist, I thought I would highlight people that I follow on IG, who personify these goals. So for example, if I wanted to become the first Black Mayor of the City of Boston, I would feature Yvonne Spicer, who was recently sworn in as the first African-American Mayor…actually first mayor ever, of Framingham, MA (yup, she is goals).

So in no particular order, here are my blogger/influencer goals for 2018!

Micah Giannelli– Style Goals

Micah’s IG is all things goals. From her daring looks to awesome collaborations, if I can find it in myself to be half as illuminating as Micah, I would feel like 2018 is complete. I’ve been following Micah for about one year, and I never get bored of her posts. The truth is, sometimes I get bored of my own so here’s to letting out the inner Micah in me!

Lisa al Mode- Drive Goals and Connectivity

I met Lisa back in 2016 and watching her journey has been amazing! She is so connected to her audience and is always trying to find ways to connect with them better. With every post, Lisa shares a little piece of herself. As a full-time content creator, I admire her drive and honesty– especially with her audience. She truly makes an earnest effort to be authentically herself, which is something I struggle with every day.

Essie Golden – Drive and Goal Mapping Goals

I remember meeting Essie sometime in 2013 at an Ugly Sweater Party that she co-hosted. Ever since then, I’ve only watched her set the bar higher for herself every time. Landing campaign after campaign and growing her Golden Confidence brand to an over 160k following in one year is GOALS! With successful collection curations with Rebdolls and Fashion to Figure, Essie is a force that can’t be stopped.

Garner Style and CeCe Olisa- Innovation and Continuity Goals

After my second year of attending the Curvy Con, I couldn’t be more proud of Chasity of Garner Style and CeCe Olisa. While the tickets were little over 100.00 for general admission, I felt like I got over $800.00 worth of pointers from the leading experts in the industry, made great connections with brands that were vending, and memories to last lifetime. Meeting the bloggers that I’ve only met online was definitely a highlight. Also, Chasity also said something that resonated with me: “I’ve been blogging for a while now, and I am not going to be blogging forever.” Chasity’s said this was ONE of the founding reasons as to why they created Curvy Con. Not only to put their name on the map but to give back to a community that deserves just as many accolades and flare as the straight size community. Can’t wait to go next year!


The Curvy Fashionista– Paying it Forward and Boss Empire Goals

I’ve been following TCF for as long as I could remember. While she’s always been one of the bloggers with high readership, she always puts on the newer bloggers. In 2016, TCF featured me in her Fashion Blogger Spotlight and to be honest; it’s one of my favorite features to read. I love going to read about the new influencers on the block. Also, TCF doesn’t feel that sharing about other bloggers will diminish her light because she’s always working on her own brand and securing collaborations with amazing brands!

Ady Del Valle- Risk Taker Goals

I met this Boston-based powerhouse at the Curvy Con in 2017. He is just as amazing in person as he is online. Every day, his IG posts and IG stories provide me with a little momentum to keep pushing; no matter what anyone has to say. His posts seem so fearless, and he always lives in his own authentic light! With a few collaborations and fashion shows under his belt, I predict that Ady is gonna go far!

This was my 4th runway show in one year, I still don’t know how I’ve made it this far, but I’m riding this bull to the end. People believe in me and see my purpose and how I’m helping represent, I hope to make the best of each opportunity and not disappoint the people that have my back and are rooting for me, will give my 100% or more always. • • PhotoCred: @xltribe • • Wearing: @mvp_usa • • PS: I know I talk about this a lot but you have no idea how hard and what I’ve gone through to get to this point. Something I’m proud of. • • #BigAndTall #streetfashion #streetstyle #urbanfashion #malemodel #mensfashion #beardgang #beardporn #malefashion #bigmensfashion #bigandtallmodel #gay #gaymen #malestyle #fashion #fatshion #plussizemalemodel #plussizemodel #effyourbeautystandards #brawn #plussizemenswear #plusmenrevolution #brawnsquad #BodyPositivity #WLYG #celebratemysize

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OJ of OJ Fit- Go Hard or Go Home Goals

This feature might be biased because he’s my best friend, but OJ is one of the VERY FEW trainers that I’ve seen go above and beyond for his clients. Based out of Boston, MA, OJ recently completed his National Academy of Sports Medicine certification to a CERTIFIED personal trainer. As someone who witnessed his ten months of classes to receive this certification, it’s kinda dope to see the result. He went from asking me to lift weights all the time, to designing an entire program–with a nutrition plan just for me.

Perseverance is the hard work you do after you get tired of doing the hard work you already did. One other thing.. always be open to learn. A person is never too good, too smart, too old to learn something new. If you can gain one new idea or experience, you are better than you were yesterday. With that being said, I came in humble, open minded, and learned some awesome new modalities. _____________________ S/O to @Realworld_tactical _____________________ #ResistanceSprints #Power #Conditioning #FunctionalStrength #Perseverance #Nike #NikeBoston #Relentless #StayHungry #Gainz #OJFit #BeGreat #AboveAverage #FitnessMotivation #FitnessJourney #1stPhorm #GymLife #CrossFit #Fitspiration #Fitfluential #BostonFitness #NYCFitness #ReachingNewLevels

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Natalia Lily- Living Your Best Life Goals

I met Natalia Lily about two years ago when we co-hosted an event at the Fashion to Figure in Brooklyn. Admittedly, I didn’t know half of the people there because I didn’t go to many plus size events. Today, I feel like I’ve known Natalia forever! With every post, she’s unapologetic. She’s not looking to see who cares; she’s just her. Whether she’s traveling abroad or in a sexy, sleek number at Art Basel, Natalia is LIVING HER BEST LIFE! I need ALLLA DAT in my life!! And don’t sleep, even though she’s living her best life, she is GRINDING! I see you boo!

everything else is just noise 🎯 Jumpsuit: @fashionnovacurve #novababe

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Marche Robinson – I Can Live My Best Life and Be Corporate Attorney Too,  Goals

I’ve officially been following Marche of Robinson Style for a year. While this boss babe is often seen at some of the hottest hotels, hottest vacation spots, and in the hottest outfits, don’t let her fool you, she’s a corporate attorney. Right now, I am trying to strike a balance between work and play. For some reason, it’s always been ‘go hard or go home,’ ONE PASSION AT A TIME! When I look at Marche’s life, she makes it seem so effortless. I definitely want to start planning my life better because while I work in a legal capacity as well, I am always afraid what my boss will say about “the real me.” But I see you, Marche!!

Chante of Everything Curvy and Chic – Business Goals

While Chante has been building her brand as an influencer for years, she’s recently stepped into the world of brick and mortar business ownership. The reason why I had to specify that it’s a brick and mortar business is that it’s Florida’s 1st Specialty Plus Size Clothing Boutique. One Curvy Boutique , located in Ocala Florida, isn’t like your everyday boutique. Not only do they offer fabulous plus size clothing from around the world but they also provide “Personal Styling” and a top of the line “Get Ready With Us” service. While Chante is still very active on the social media front, she’s running a successful business that caters to plus size women in Florida!

Thorton Paul – Drive and Go-Getter Goals

Thorton Paul is a Boston based athlete, model, influencer, AND NOW AUTHOR!!!! I am so proud of this guy because his hustle never sleeps. After being featured as Essence Magazine’s Man Crush, Thorton has been moving harder than ever! With his booked slated to release in February 2018, I can’t wait to see what else Thorton comes us with.

Miss Posh- Fitness and Style Goals

I know y’all have to see Miss Posh on this innanets! Not only does bring life to my IG Feed but her fitness journey was nothing short of amazing! If there’s anything that I wanna to tackle this year, it’s my fitness and health. This running on E business is not cool…and neither is sizing out of Forever 21 :(.

Nyviana Skye – Life Goals

Nini has a heart pure as gold! As a mother, model, artist, and supportive friend, she pushes the envelope for herself and her family and friends every day. Even after working a double triple, she still finds time to hone in on her craft, help her children actualize their dreams, and surprisingly finds time to travel as well. I’ve talked to a few of my friends and told them about my family planning goals. If I can be just a fraction as organized and determined as Nini, I think I will do ALLLLRIGHT!

KurvyKatie – Life Goals

Like Nini, Katie also has a strong dedication to her craft, her daughter, and to her country! But don’t get it twisted, she’s always down for a good time and will have you laughing until your insides hurt! In a matter of 6 months, Katie has transformed her brand into a more interactive guide of the budget conscious millennial! Over time, I want to be able to develop that much dedication to staying on course.

Voyaj Kreyol- Travel Goals

My Haitian sisters have travel on lock!! Combined Stephanie Voltaire and Vannie Paradis have traveled to 20 countries, 15 US states, 38 plus cities, and counting. Now, I already have three significant trips outlined for this year…but if I can travel like Stephanie and Vannie are traveling, I will be golden! I am really going to look into their tips on how to travel on a budget and collect points as I go along.

We are LIVE!! www.voyajkreyol.com Go check the blog out! #VoyajKreyol

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  1. February 1, 2018 / 5:19 pm

    Girl. You are amazing for this post and I found a few new folks to follow too! You rock and thank you for the love… PS That Hyperbiotics is life, babe!

  2. Trena
    February 2, 2018 / 2:15 pm

    Thank you for this post. I love finding new people to follow and support!

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