Grey Day in the Fall

Happy Monday All!

This past weekend was truly an introduction to how bi-polar New England weather could be. On Friday it was warm and everyone was wearing cardigans. Saturday I was rethinking whether I should shoot in the cold. Nonetheless, I bundled up and braved the cold breeze. Today, I am featuring some of my feature “Outfit of the Week” ensembles.  I had all the pieces to complete the outfit and Forever 21 provided the finishing touches to this Fall-Friendly outfit.


While it’s hard to always find “spot-on” items when creating Polyvore ensembles, I thought I did a pretty good job with all the items I had!


I really love this outfit because it mixes basic essentials for any fall fashionista and creates a crisp look. The jeans I really love because  you can dress them up or dress them down. And get this, these are actually jeans, but they are reinforced jeggings from Fashion to Figure! I am a size 22 at most places, so please size up when purchasing “The Jegging” from Fashion to Figure.


Also, I am learning how to layer my clothing more and I think I did a pretty good job with it too. I’ve always been one to shy away from layering because I was always afraid that I would look bulky but the key to layering is to layer in tiers. For example, layering fur on top of fur on top of cotton may make you look like a lion. But, I chose to layer heavy polyester, on top of cotton,  on top of my thin jegging. Practice makes perfect of course.


Can you tell that it was raining out? I can actually see the raindrops on my hat lol! I had to bring back my jacket from Pink Clubwear because I knew it would be a versatile fall essential!

And a huge shout out to the great team down at Forever 21 for completing this outfit! I can literally wear this top to drinks, work, and church! I am going to be featuring a few more Forever 21 pieces so keep your eyes open for more Fall essentials!

Jacket: C/O Pink Clubwear Top: C/O Forever 21 Jeggings: C/O Fashion to Figure Shoes: Just Fab Jewelry: C/O Forever 21 Hat: Macys

Jacket: C/O Pink Clubwear use code Chardline20 for 20% off
Top: C/O Forever 21
Jeggings: C/O Fashion to Figure
Shoes: Just Fab
Jewelry: C/O Forever 21
Hat: Macys

Til next time, TOODLES.

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