The Right Pair of Jeans

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If there’s anything I love more than sleeping, it’s finding jeans that fit you the right way. As a plus size woman, I always find myself compromising style or quality to get the right pair of jeans. Instead of brands using true denim for jeans size 12+, you often see this stretchy material that looks more like leggings and less like denim.

Good American has found a way to make inclusive denim jeans that not only maintain the integrity of how classic denim should look but includes stretchy material that provides comfort around the but hips! The Good Curve Jeans have to be one of my favorite jeans because they gave me the vintage feel that I’ve been trying to secure for my size 55-inch hips. The corset-shaping waistband that smooths in the front and lifts in the back provides so much style and comfort. And the side-stitching that outlines your curves– so you won’t feel so boxy, which you typically get with vintage style jeans.

Plus Size Good American Jeans


And while the Good Curve Jeans are just ONE type of jean that Good American carries, they have over 24 sizes (including maternity and a size 15 for the inbetweeners) for people to shop from.

A few fun facts about Good American Jeans:

*Gap-Proof Waistband- features a signature four-piece gap-proof waistband that contours to the body to avoid a gap at the back of the waist.

*Reinforced belt loops for easy try-on and curved stitching to accentuate the shape of your body

*Fabric Recovery- recovery fabric allows for extra wear between washes, recovering the fit after wearing.

So make sure you’re investing in your denim because the difference between a sleek look and feel comfortable shouldn’t be rocket science!




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