Fringing Forward

Happy Monday All!

 With Mother Nature acting “brand new“, I thought it would be a perfect opportunity to display my passion for fashion in the mall. Some days, I would rather head to the mall in sweats and sneakers. And other days, I would take everything out my closet and wear it all at once (I love to shop but nowhere to go). So Sunday was one of those days. I know in pasts posts, I talked about wearing more accessories…and this post truly highlights my favorite places to not only get affordable dress clothes, but where to get great accessories!

Post One

Pink Clubwear has some of the best fast-fashion selections around. One thing I really like about them is their ability to restock items in a week’s turnaround. Many times I’m looking for items that haven’t tried before and with Pink Clubwear, I don’t mind taking that risk.

Post Two

Remember when I posted about the fringe trend? Well, a few months later I finally got around to experimenting with some fringe of my own! I love this Suede Fringe Trimmed Peplum Top! It’s nice and snug and gives you a snatched look around the waist! You don’t even need to wear shapewear to achieve the look. I was thinking of different ways I could style this top because I know I wasn’t to wear it a few more times before mother nature decides to turn up the heat. Also, before I got in on a close up of my jewels, take a look at these amazing statement earrings from Fly Girl Couture. The Galactica earrings are my favorite pair! They are handmade and I guarantee, you won’t find them anywhere else!

Post Three

Of course you know I had to highlight my accessories! I got all of my accessories from Fly Girl Couture. My ring finger is a size nine (FYI future lover- I hope you’re taking notes) and finding mixed midi ring sets to fit my fingers is a hassle! Also, the Little Black Box clutch/purse was the perfect addition to the outfit.

I think I’m really getting into this whole accessories thing!


Top and Skirt: c/o Pink Clubwear Accessories: c/o Fly Girl Couture Sandals (not pictures): Zara

Top and Skirt: c/o Pink Clubwear    Accessories: c/o Fly Girl Couture    Sandals (not pictures): Zara

Hope you get your accessories on!!!

Toodles :).

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