Friendsgiving & Alizé: The Perfect Combo

This is a sponsored post in partnership with Alizé Passion, but all thoughts and experiences are my own.

This year, the holidays are going to feel different. However, there are some traditions that never get old: Roomie’s Friendsgiving! Every year, me and my roomies or neighbors dress up and break bread. Every year we rotate who the “host of the house” is, and this year that was me! The host of the house decides what the theme is, as well as the cocktail of the night.

This year, I wanted to introduce Alize to our annual Friendsgiving celebration. Ever since I saw Caro, Monroe Steele, and Roni post about Alize, it brought back so many memories. And, ever since I saw Sandra Morgan Living post about her Caribbean Sunrise Cocktail with Alizé Gold Passion recipee back in May, I was looking for the perfect time to share it with my friends.

I made the cocktail the night before and it was so good! I knew this was going to my featured cocktail of the night. Creating cocktails with Alizé is so simple because all the infused fruit flavors combine well with other ingredients. Alizé uses all-natural flavorings, which definitely makes it stand out from many other neat drinks. I actually saw on Thrillist that Alize drinks are SUPREME when it comes to being mixers. Gold Passion is the perfect liqueur for cocktail recipes that require a passion fruit syrup. Instead of making the complex syrup or trying to find high-quality passion fruit purée, simply swap the syrup out for Alizé Gold Passion.


After preparing cocktail, which required very little heavy lifting, I put out the food, played some of my favorite Caribbean music, and kicked off our annual Friendsgiving! Even though our group was a lot smaller than past years, it still felt great creating memories with my friends that I am fortunate to live with.


Want to see how the night went down? We celebrated Nikki Parker style!

Make sure you pick up Alizé for the holidays!



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