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Over the past few months, I’ve shared my experiences about my health and fitness challenges on On The Plus Side. From speaking about the priveledges of “looking fit”, to naming a few fitness and health inspirations in my life, I am starting to hone in on this part of my life more. After all, can’t flaunt what my mama gave me if it only looks pretty on the outside. Enter: Fitness Fridays!

Starting in the New Year, I want to take y’all on an interactive journey to the healthiest version of myself. Before you start huffing and puffing by saying things like, “Oh great, another blogger on a weight loss journey” or my favorite ” This post strikes me as an attempt to inject yet another call for weight loss into a movement that is founded on allowing people to accept the imperfections of their bodies”, CUT IT! That’s not my attempt at all. I am taking you on a personal journey that highlights how I am growing to love myself inside and out. I am at a point of where I want to take really take care of myself before it’s too late. This journey is very personal to me because back in 2012, I did this all wrong. In the end, it was a downward spiral that ended in lots of self-hate, spending 100’s on diet pills, and waist trainers. Since then, I’ve made sporadic attempts to get back on track but I was never intentional about it.

Fast forward to 2016, I already had a consultation with a nutritionist (can’t wait to share the details), my cystic condition is slowly getting better (again, I can’t wait to share the details), and I have energy! After my 80 + pound weight gain, I started to notice things about myself that scared me. The lack of energy, the constant staying in bed, my body odor started to change, sex life was completely different, and I developed a cystic condition. Will losing weight change everything? NO…not really, but keeping a healthy relationship with my body will.

Also, I am going to document my daily conquests on my IG page: @Chard.Gets.Fit ! Every two Fridays, I will introduce workout tips, doctor’s visits, workout clothes, natural supplements, self-care tips, and everything in between on all my social media channels and this blog! I encourage everyone to use this as a safe place. As I am learning about myself, please feel free to ask me about anything. I love being a sounding board!

Check out my latest posts on my IG now!

Fun fact, @goldencity_ kickstarted my first go round in the gym. 5 years later, we are back at it ❤️❤️

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Strengthening that back!

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In between time

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Lastly, I know many don’t feel that fashion and fitness should be considered in the same realm. In this case, I am not. I would never advocate for someone to lose weight for the sake of fashion or style. But, I won’t be unapologetic and raw with my posts. I won’t hold anything back as it pertains to myself! No comparisons or anything. Just raw reflections as they pertain to me being a better me.

In these last few IG posts, my workout clothes are from Lane Bryant! Lane Bryant was actually the first brand I worked with when it came to workout clothes. With workout clothes that up to size 28, it’s hard not shop there!

Plus Size Fitness

So until next Friday where I tell you about my assesment!




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  1. December 29, 2016 / 8:22 pm

    I appreciate you are sharing your experience! Now I’m following you on Instagram as @cocolavieenrose Ps. I’d like to hear your thoughts about people posting a pic of their belly / abs every single day on IG. Isn’t that compulsive obsessive? A hidden form of self-hate? I wish we all had the right amount of self consciousness (meant as being conscious of your own psyche) as you showed in this post. So glad I came across your blog! Baci, Valeria – Coco et La vie en rose FASHION & BEAUTY

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