Falling Forward feat Ulla Popken

Happy Monday! No more having to point out the obvious, buuuuuuuuut it’s officially Fall and you’ll be able to point that this is my favorite time of the year. While Fall accessories usually capture my heart, the ability to layer with jackets, sweaters, and more is my new thing. Fall fashion is all about experimenting. So of course, I had to head to my one-stop-shop, Ulla Popken. The first thing is first: Jackets!

When considering jackets, I typically look at prints I don’t have. Once I’ve identified the print, I look for ways to mix it with my clothes. One print that I am obsessed with is plaid. The obsession may stem from my private school days now that I think about it. Here are two ways to dress UP and dress DOWN plaid print.

First, I started off with a cute mesh dress from Ulla Popken’s Untold brand. I loved how it had its own polka dot pattern….so you know pattern blocking had to be in full effect!

Dress: Ulla Popken Studio Untold | Jacket: Ulla Popken

Next, I wanted to try something similar but with a more casual look. With faux leather dresses making a big splash in Fall fashion, I had to experiment with a look that still gave me casual but cute.

Isn’t this cute? I love this dress because it has an edgy style with feminine allure. Now adding some plaid to this was my favorite part.

Dress: Studio Untold by Ulla Popken | Jacket: Studio Untold by Ulla Popken

This look is my new vibe. I’ve never really tried the sneakers and dress thing, but I think it really brought this look together. And if I ever wanted to dress this up with tights and heels, you can.

As a bonus look, I wanted to try something that was fun. A Front Duster Blouse. I never wore one these before because I assumed you had to be taller to wear this. I don’t have the longest legs so I didn’t think it would look great on me. But after seeing the pictures, sign me up for a couple more!

Duster: Studio Untold by Ulla Popken | Jeans: Studio Untold by Ulla Popken

I am wearing a 24/26 in the duster. And a 24 in the jeans. I would size up if you can. So what do you think of my Fall looks with Ulla Popken this month? Aren’t they refreshing?

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