Generational Style Challenge ft. Eloquii

On Sunday, Eloquii posted about my mom and me during their Mother’s Day Special. As you know, last year me and my mom did a post featuring Eloquii, so we were so happy to be featured in their blog! While Eloquii’s blog post highlighted some of the qualities my mother and I share, what I wanted to save my blog post was that me and my mom tried something new this year: We picked each other’s outfits!

My mother and I love Eloquii because it is one of the few places that compliments both of our styles.  It’s not every day that you can shop in the same place as your mom…who is 25 years older than you. I am not the best judge of my mom’s taste in clothing because she’s a church lady. So, for the most part, I assume that she likes dresses and looser fitting clothing. And for my mom, she found this so challenging because one day she’ll see me in short shorts and the next in a ball gown. At the end, we both concluded that we understand our style preferences a lot better than we lead on.

To that end, I wanted to share some of our outfits, especially since we had so much fun laughing, “yassss-ing” and LOVING at our suggestions for each other. Once we pressed the order number, there was no turning back!

First: Denim

This was our take on what we thought we’d like to wear for Denim

Eloquii Denim


For my mom, I chose a denim dress because my mother hasn’t worn jeans since the birth of my 25 year old sister. She loved it because she could wear it with ease. She hates the feel of denim but loves the feel of this dress!

Eloquii Denim Eloquii Denim

Second: White

Eloquii Plus Size White

My mom loves white, so she picked this category because I hate white with a passion. I always get it dirty and have to wear lots of shape wear to make it look cleaner.

For my mom, I chose Eloquii’s Wide Leg Jumpsuit because my mom is fan of wide leg anything! She doesn’t like to show her legs all that much so I knew this one would be winner. Also, POCKETS! She always needs pockets!

For me, she chose white, but with a twist. She knew I wouldn’t re-wear an all white look so she mixed one of Eloquii’s tops with their evergreen Neoprene skirts. This is my first Neoprene skirt from Eloquii, but since my mom has made me a believer, it won’t be my last! Their Neoprene skirts have to be one their best items!



Lastly: Something we’d never EVER!

Both of us looked at each other in confusion when we revealed what our picks were. My mom doesn’t wear much form fitting clothing. So to challenge her modesty, I chose the Flounce Sleeve Colorblocked Dress. I’m still not sure if my mother was too sold on it, but look at her sexy stance in the photos. I know that she was feeling herself in it!

For me, she knows I hate jumpsuits. I am slowly trying to wear mom but they historically always looked weird on me…that was until Eloquii’s Printed Wide Leg Jumpsuit. I am all here for it! Look at how it hugs me in all the right places!! Paired with their Trini (yassssss, I am here for anything Caribbean) Fringe Sandal Heel . I would size up if you have a wider foot.



So here’s to another Mother-Daughter Duo in the books!  A huge thank you to Eloquii for providing the clothing for this challenge! I’m so happy we did this project because it brought us a little closer :).

To shop the items, click on the pictures below.


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