Double Chin for the Win

Double Chin Boston

This has to be a first for the blog, but when you find a food spot that you basically can’t live without, you gotta show a little love.
Last week, I got to visit Double Chin!

Double Chin is New Asian HK Cafe founded by the Chin family. Located in the heart of Boston’s Chinatown, we specialize in Chinese dishes with modern twists—Asian Fusion done right. Here you can find innovative salads and sandwiches but also glorified comfort food classics. The menu was written by the Chin sisters as they reminisced on their favorite childhood foods. Start your morning off with our HK style breakfast or end your evening here with a fun cocktail. Whether you are in a famished state or have a sweet tooth to cure, there’s something at Double Chin for everyone!

And they weren’t kidding when they said there was something for everyone! Today, they are celebrating their 1-year anniversary so I thought it was fitting to share some of my favorite dishes I had at Double Chin. This will probably be one of my shorter blog posts because when there’s food, there’s no room for speaking–foods getting cold.

Spam and Taro Fries

Double Chin Boston

Double Chin Boston Spam and Taro Fries

Ramen Fried Chicken


Roast Duck Scallion Pancake Flatbread


Spicey Noods

Matcha Made in Heaven

Sauteed Rice Rolls

Lobster Mac n Cheese

The best drink you’ll ever have — MANGO MEGA MOJITOS-

Bloody Gangnam Style



Portuguese Chicken Rice

Katsu n Scallion Eggette Waffle

So if you are really into fusion Asian cuisine, Double Chin for the Win!! Check them out on their website and Instagram!

They are located at:

86 Harrison Ave

Boston MA !

Tell em Chard sent ya!!


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