My Stay at Concourse Hotel Los Angeles- A Hyatt Affiliated Hotel

Happy Friday!

As I am writing this post while en route to Baltimore for Curves Rocks Weekend, I am reflecting over last week’s trip to Los Angeles. Being that it’s my second time visiting LA, I never realized how many hidden gems there were. I know LA is known for Hollywood, celebrity sightings, and their heavenly beaches, but this time around I chose to stumble upon some places rather than hit the night life. 

I decided to stay closer to the airport because last time I went to Los Angeles, I missed my flight due to all that traffic! When looking for a hotel, I need something that’s going to match my aesthetic. Nothing says WORST TRIP EVER than sleeping in a hotel room that feels like a coffin. While I was looking online for newer hotels, I stumbled upon The Concourse Hotel at Los Angeles International Airport – A Hyatt Affiliated Hotel. 

Before booking the hotel, I had to take a look at the rooms. I am super into Feng Shui and if the bed is facing the door, unnecessary clutter is present, loud decorum for no reason, and has poor lighting — I won’t book/sleep there. Weird huh? But when you are sleeping in a state that is 3 hours behind, you want to make sure you are catching up on your sleep in the most peaceful atmosphere–plus I am a princess. From the pictures, the room looked amazing. But my rule of thumb is always to expect it to look a little less amazing upon arrival.

I went ahead and booked the room. Upon arrival, I was 4 hours earlier than expected. When I went to check in, I let Kelly, the front desk agent, know I wanted to leave my belongings in the hotel storage and I would be back to check in. She said, hold on, let me see if there is a room available. It in a matter of minutes, we were escorted to our room without having to pay an extra fee. Where else can you check in at 12:15pm? 

As soon as I arrived to the room, I was shocked! THE ROOM LOOKED BETTER THAN THE PICTURES! My view of the pool was amazing. And at night, you can see the airport runway light up. The room was beautifully decorated. Not too busy and 4 simple colors: grey, black, white, and yellow. The Concourse Hotel really took my breath away! I felt like I walked into a Crate and Barrel. The bed was firm, the decorations were modern, and the bathroom actually had toothpaste and mouthwash! The bed was so comfortable. Very sturdy and I didn’t feel like I was sinking.

As someone who weighs 315 lbs, my biggest pet peeves when it comes to hotel beds are:

  1. Poorly quality
  2. Poor support
  3. Too bouncy

I really lucked out staying at the Concourse Hotel!

Here are real-time photos of the room:

Concourse Hotel in Los Angeles



 Concourse Hotel

                                                          A hotel that still has toothpaste and mouthwash!

Concourse Hotel

 Concourse Hotel

Couch Decorum at Concourse Hotel

 Concourse Hotel


 Concourse Hotel

Concourse Hotel

Kelly, the desk agent left me a note with some fruit!

 Concourse Hotel



Please check out the Concourse Hotel when traveling to Los Angeles. It’s so close to the airport and so convenient when trying to get to different parts of the city.

What did you think? Have you been here before? Let me know your thoughts!

Until the next trip,



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