Happy Friday!!

I honestly couldn’t wait to upload this post because this, by far, is going has to be one of the best trips I’ve EVER been on. For some reason, I’ve always been conditioned to believe that I had to leave the states to have a great vacation. I’ve been to Ghana, Jamaica, Toronto, Haiti, St. Lucia…this list keeps going on. However, never have I been somewhere stateside that gave me the best vibes! Dallas, Texas is truly a hidden gem. When me and Ashley were trying to figure out what new destination we’d tackle next (because we already did Ghana together), Dallas was the only place we both hadn’t traveled to. As a City Planner, I have a strong appreciation for Dallas and its commitments to growing its economy, attractions, and investment in their residents. Every person I talked to in Dallas had amazing things to say about it. From the cost of living to the nightlife, I was completely enamored! But let’s get down to the nitty-gritty: Dallas the Experience!

Where to Stay


When we were looking at accommodations, we wanted to make sure that we were no more than twenty minutes away from major and cultural attractions. For example, we wanted to make sure we could uber to a nearby museum, but not be too far to go to a Reggae party in Fort Worth. When researching accommodations that were centralized, Cambria Hotel in Downtown Dallas was the first hotel to come up!  Located in the historic Tower Petroleum building, Cambria Hotel in Downtown Dallas allowed me and Ashley to travel like bosses! Our accommodations were upscale but not uptight! Close to the Dallas Convention Center, Deep Ellum, Sixth Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza and more, Cambria Hotel in Downtown Dallas has all the amenities that you need to get the most out of your Dallas travel experience.

As soon as I walked in, it was so hard not to admire the decorum. You can tell that this hotel was carefully curated because the artwork felt like walking into a contemporary museum. Deep hues of gold, green, and blue pop out immediately. It had such a beautiful boutique vibe but provided the amenities of major chain hotels. With a bar in the lobby and a piano to match, I truly felt at home because the atmosphere wasn’t so stuffy at all. And what got me the most was the prices! How many places can you book accommodations for up to 5 people, in a huge suite, at under $1000? It doesn’t happen, trust me. I travel a lot.

And while the decorum was very inviting and gorgeous, the room situation was even better. I hope you take a look at my Travel Instagram Stories to see some of the videos we took. The hotel is STUNNING and I hope these pictures do it justice! Again, upscale but never uptight! The Majestic Suite was everything you could possibly need for the perfect girls trip. With beautiful views overlooking the city on the 22nd floor, there’s a subtle luxe feeling that was clearly present. I am really big on bathroom quality and Cambria Hotel Dallas did not disappoint at all!

And of course we had to get some room service! Petro’s Bistro is located right downstairs and were able to have food delivered directly to the room. We had a full on brunch for two and it was all under $80.00…with prices like those, it became increasingly harder to leave the hotel.

…and yes, we are all made up because we are ready to hit the town and explore everything that Dallas has to offer. But honestly, it really was hard to leave room.  The beds were so comfy that me and Ashley were dragging almost everyday. The hotel truly helped me reassess my choice in pillow-top choices. Since Cambria’s location was so close to so many of the major attractions that we wanted to go to, we didn’t feel like we had to rush. The most expensive Uber ride was 11.00 and we even tried the scooters to get from place to place.

Yup, my next stay in any city is going to be a Cambria location. Join me back next week as I present part two of my travels to Dallas: Attractions and my 10 Ten Things to do When Visiting Dallas! I hope you take a look at all the great things Cambria has to offer! Again, I can’t stress on how cost effective it is…you truly get a luxe feeling, impeccable service, and amazing location for a great price.

Until next time,

Chardline and Ashley.