Christmas Gift Worthy Items via Amazon Prime

Like every year, I am doing my Christmas shopping super late. I mean, this year has to be the worst because Christmas is less than five days away. While I can run all around Boston looking for gifts in our gargantuan sized malls, I just realized that I am an Amazon Prime member! That means free two-day shipping that will be delivered just in time for the holidays! One thing that I love about Amazon is that they have GREAT quality! I would hate to give someone a gift and it looks fake or flat poor quality. With Amazon, you generally never have to worry about the item you’re receiving. If you remember my Amazon Prime Day Post , I added some tips for first time Amazon Shoppers, so make sure you check it out.

With that said, I have 5 more days to get my shopping done and Amazon Prime is going to be the savior of the year! So I compiled a list of a few items that you can get just in time for Christmas if you use Amazon Prime! If you don’t know who to sign up, refer back to my Amazon Prime Day Post. 






Happy Shopping!


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