So, as you know, I’ve have an obsession with African Print. Although I am Haitian American, I trace my roots to West Africa! No better way to commemorate this then wearing a piece from Ghana!

IMG_3756.JPG --

This is a custom skirt from AfrikInspired that I can’t seem to let go of. I literally wear it everywhere! I decided to jazz it up with a bit of my city chic styling and added this blazer from Forever 21.


Then paired it off with my favorite new white pumps from 

IMG_3986.JPG ----

(I swear I am not ashy, there was a lots of glare on this beautiful day)IMG_4049.JPG---

I am really into details and this pattern reminded me of the first earring my mom allowed me to buy! They were huge circles with Punjabi styling around the side.

Hope you loved this post,