A Family That Prays Together

A Family That Prays Together

obviously slays together in Lane Bryant! This post has been sponsored by Lane Bryant. But as always, all opinions are 1000% my own.

Lane Bryant Spring 2021

Lane Bryant Spring 2021

It’s been a while since my last post featuring someone I hold near and dear to my heart: Tati Tita. Marie Paul, affectionately known as “Tita”, is one of the most positive people I know. I don’t think there’s another person alive who comments on how beautiful I am. If there is anything that Tita always preaches, it is the power of prayer and holistic wellness.

Lane Bryant Spring 2021
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As of late, we’ve been spending so much more time together. With outside opening back up again, we’ve been having brunch at local Black-owned businesses, spending more time outdoors, and most importantly; church. Tati Tita credits a lot of healing and strength from prayer. During her darkest and most uncertain days, she found so much solace in communal prayer. And with our house of worship open again, we are back to doing some of our favorite things: dressing up for the beautiful weather while going to give thanks.

Lane Bryant Spring 2021
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While Tita has been in remission, we know that Breast Cancer sometimes chooses a path of its own. With that said, Tita always reminds us to live our best lives. Due to trials of breast cancer, she faced weight fluctuations, but she never allowed that to stop her living her most stylish life.

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The Breast Cancer Research Foundation statistics show that “from 2005 to 2014, the most recent 10 years for which data are available, invasive breast cancer incidence rates were stable in white women and increased slightly (by 0.3% per year) in black women.” Tita says that she remembers her doctors telling her the same thing but she always considered herself a fighter. She says also says that she lived/lives every day like it was her last. Along with prayer and modern medicine, she knew if she kept a positive outlook, her body would follow suit. And of course, her sense of humor kept all of us in good spirits as well.

Lane Bryant Spring
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“In the U.S. in 2021, there will be an estimated 281,550 new cases of invasive breast cancer diagnosed in women and 2,650 cases diagnoses in men” Breast Cancer Research Foundation. With that said, our family has made it our mission to educate all the women and men in our family about the different cancers that have been present in our family. My grandfather died of prostate cancer before I was born. My great Aunt died of breast cancer. My cousin died of cancer. My mother’s sister and Tita are currently in remission and living amazing lives. However, they always make sure to tell us that early intervention paid a huge part in being here with us today. Even at 33 years old, I make sure to bring it up at every one of my doctor’s appointments, just in case.

Lane Bryant

This is one of the reasons why my family and I love to partner with Lane Bryant. Their partnership with the Breast Cancer Research Foundation highlights their focus on supporting research to help find a cure. Also, they have a Front-Close No-Wire Mastectomy Bra that ranges in sizes 36B to 44H. Support Breast Cancer Research Foundation’s (BCRF) lifesaving research while shopping for Mother’s Day through May 16. You can round up your purchase at the register at your favorite Lane Bryant store or make an easy online donation at checkout on LaneBryant.com

To learn more: Lane Gives

Dress: Here | Shoes: Here | Earrings: Here

So the Chanel-Faiteau and Paul Family want to leave you with this: Be kind to each other. You never know what battle someone is going through. You never know how much a simple prayer can help make someone’s day. Also, be your own best advocate in the doctor’s office. Ask for all the tests you can and make sure if they say no that you’re asking them to record the conversation in their notes.

Until next time,

Family <3.

Lane Bryant Spring 2021


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