A Cinderella Prom Story feat. Sydney’s Closet


It’s been a while since I’ve done one of these, but no better time than the present. Jeni reached out to me about her daughter, Ariana, hardship finding a prom dress. Remember when I did It takes a village: “A Cinderella Story”  , well the village is back at it again with a new plus size prom queen!

Ariana wrote to me, “Like every girl, I was so excited for prom. I was even more excited to pick out a dress. At my school, I heard about this program called Dresses to Dreams that provides free prom dresses to girls. When I got accepted to participate in the program, I was so excited, but unfortunately, the excitement was short-lived. When I went to the program and went to the room with all of the dresses, I saw a bunch of beautiful dresses, was quickly saddened to see that none of them was my size. I saw a bunch of girls running around with multiple dresses in hand, and I couldn’t even find one that could fit. I got sad, so I asked my mom to leave and to make me feel better, she took me dress shopping. After that whole ordeal, my mom reached out to her friends for help and was able to find the perfect dress for me.”

This is where the village comes in! I’ve known Ariana’s mother for some time now. She has been supportive of my growth as a plus-size influencer and always so shows me SO MUCH LOVE! She has a young spirit and the most mesmerizing eyes that I’ve ever seen. When I received her message about what happened to her daughter, I felt so bad for her. This recently happened to me, as well. In December 2018, I was searching for the perfect dress to wear to the Ebony Gala. I found three dresses at Nordstrom that I immediately fell in love with. I ordered all three of them, and they totaled about 2700 dollars. Upon trying all of them on, none of them would go past my hips. I remember crying to Essie Golden about not having a dress two days before the gala. And like the best friend she is, she saved the day for me.

So as soon as I read the message, I knew I had to mobilize. Without hesitation, I had to reach out to my friends down at Sydney’s Closet! Sydney’s Closet is a brand that has fashion-forward plus size dresses for special occasions. Their racks are always packed with hard-to-find dresses in plus sizes 14, 16, 18, 20, 22, 24, 26, 28, 30, 32 and hard-to-find sizes 34, 36, 38 and 40. I knew Ariana would love their offerings because they were so on trend with what straight size prom shops were carrying! In addition to Syndey’s Closet providing Ariana with the perfect dress, Essie Golden provided a $100.00 gift card to Lane Bryant to help Ariana get the necessities to complete her look!

Want to see what our plus size prom queen looked like on her special day?

“The dress made me feel like a princess!! The day of the prom and getting ready was amazing.”

“My mom’s best friend, Priceless, came over to do my hair and makeup and my godfather, Josue, took amazing photos. It was great.”

“I am so blessed that my mom has so many amazing friends that were willing to help me achieve my prom dreams.”

I can’t help but say a HUGE THANK YOU to Sydney’s Closet for saving the day! In the end, there was nothing but tears of joy.




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