A Birthday Reflection

A Birthday Reflection

32 was such a year of transformation…like up until the 11th hour.

It was a deep reflection on who I am and how I show up in this world. As a friend. A sister. A partner. A digital content creator. A public servant. And most importantly, as God’s child. I wouldn’t change the course of a single thing about 32. On that note, I want to leave you with some amazing gems that I’ve honed in on during 32.

1. You are power. You don’t have to sit at the top of the food chain to make big changes for yourself and those around you. Speaking of those around you…

2. Don’t fret about losing people who no longer align with where you are in your life. Those who truly love and understand your ups, downs, moments of silence, the ugliest parts of you, etc. will remain and continue to challenge you to be better. I am forever grateful for the healthy friendships in my life. Speaking of healthy…

3. Listen to your body. If your body has been telling you to stop but you’re stubbornly pushing yourself along, you’ll end up paying for it. I didn’t listen to my body for a long time this year. I dismissed these long-standing bouts of pain as soreness or laziness. The entire time I had a condition brewing. So take care of yourself, HOLISTICALLY, before life takes care of you. Slow down. Practice self-care. See a therapist. Clean out that fridge. You have to show yourself the highest form of love. Speaking of love…

4. Throughout the pandemic I devoured so many images of the beauty of love. Babies being born. Baecations. Alla dat. I wanted that so bad that I was willing to settle or stay in messed-up situations. If you’ll learn anything from me, know this: Your time is coming and it’s going to be glorious. However, you won’t actually cultivate what’s meant to be yours if you keep on settling in dead situations. Love recognizes love. So fighting for attention, affection, or a place in someone’s life isn’t the way to start your love story. But waiting, meditating, praying, and embracing your present will help you more than you know. Speaking of help…

5. Learn when to ask for help and accept help when it comes. With all the ups and downs that life has presented me, I’ve had to learn that something is beyond my control. If there’s help that I can receive, I should welcome it instead of making things harder for me. We only get one of these lifetimes, I do want to spend it making things hard.

So here’s to 33 being the year of practicing what I preach and living by these words

  • Love
  • Community
  • Consistency
  • Compassion
  • Abundance


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