50 Shades of Grey: The Brooklyn Edition

Plus Size Beausion  is one of my favorite blogs. Plus Size Beausion breaks the monotony found in many blogs. Plus Size Beausion provides a different perspective on plus size life. So, when I was asked to be a male contributor to one of my favorite blogs, I jumped at the opportunity. But of course, you can find more looks, discussions, and links to sales at my blog: The Gentlemen’s Curb.


I am a heavy man, I am 316 lbs. So, I can definitely identify with men and women larger sizes becoming confident and loving themselves. Not to mention a lot of brands don’t cater to us, so finding the right clothes can be a chore at times. But, guess what? We pulled something together just for you!


One of my favorite brands is Kenneth Cole. It’s easy to find clothes that compliment men of  different sizes. Instead of the hassle of trying to stretch into an H&M tee or pop the buttons at Forever 21, Kenneth Cole is always guaranteed the one stop shop.


Unlike many stores, Kenneth Cole carries a bulk of their Big and Tall clothing in stores as well. When I was thinking of what my first contributor post would look like, I wanted to play along with the weather. It was grey out and I own about 50 shades of grey so I put together a look that was comfortable and classic.


I know ….I know, let’s address the elephant in the room: My forehead takes up 90% of the picture, but that’s one of the luxuries that comes with being part of the #foreheadgang. Being able to relax in my clothes is really big for me. A lot of formal looks restrict mobility at times, but I feel like part of the design of this jacket, from Kenneth Cole, is to give mobility in the back. I wish I took a picture of the inside of this jacket but it’s fitted in certain places, but has ample room around the arms. And my sweater from Old Navy made it even easier to move around. Old Navy is another great place, but I will save that for another post.

Coat: Kenneth Cole Sweater: Old Navy XXL Slacks: Old Navy 44 x 34 Shoes: Kenneth Cole size 15 Shirt: True Religion xxl Tie: John Ashford

Coat: Kenneth Cole Sweater: Old Navy XXL Slacks: Old Navy 44 x 34                  Shoes: Kenneth Cole size 15 Shirt: True Religion xxTie: John Ashford


Thank you for tuning into my first post as a male contributor! If you ever have any questions, please feel free to contact me at The Gentlemen’s Curb.



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