5 Ways in which Forever 21 Got “Brand New” on Us

I must admit, I haven’t shopped at Forever 21 in almost 6 or 7 months. Last I checked, it was pretty young and fast-fashioney. But today honey, I went on the website, and it felt brand new. It didn’t just feel like a Taylor Swift video anymore.

In fact, it felt like every song I ever listened to. I am talking about the Temptations to Daft Punk! I am all here for the latest and greatest changes on Forever 21, and I’m already guilty of adding 20 things into my cart in less than 20 mins.

Since you all know that I am a fan of lists, I had to break down the 5 Ways in which Forever 21 Got “Brand New” on Us!

Shoes up to a size 13!
The shoe gawds must have heard my cry because F21 had so many nice shoes, but they never fit my size 11 foot! Today, I found at least 6 pairs that not only go up to size 13, BUT THEY ARE ACTUALLY CUTE!! And get this, they are wide! I just ordered two pairs, so I’ll put the width to the test!

Model Diversity/ Size Diversity
If there’s anything that I noticed, it was that the models look so different. Different shapes and colors! Like, come on yasss! It feels good to see a little bit of everything. There are few bloggers on there too! Also, I saw some pieces go up as high as a 4x!

Web Exclusives
Yup, Forever 21 has some web exclusives that I haven’t seen in many other stores! Never thought I’d see this coming but there’s a first time for everything. I am talking about oversized denim jackets to sexy body suits!


With all good things, prices inevitably go up! But that’s expected. When a brand goes from general fast fashion to opening up their offerings and even picking up indie artists, the prices are going to go up! And you know what, I am not mad at that! Now like I stated earlier, I got about 20 items in my cart so I will def dish on the quality and sizing soon!

Formal on Fleek
I am probably the only person who still says “fleek” but whatevs. F21’s formal clothes def came up! When I saw my blogger boo, Gavyn Taylor in a gorgeous red dress , I knew my wedding dresses for this season would all be here! Like isn’t she stunning?!!? 

Make sure you head to Forever 21 and check out some of their clothing!

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