5 Reasons Why It’s Still Normal to Dress Up and Look Nice feat. Modcloth


Happy Hump Day my friends!

I know it’s been pretty tough these days…but I’ve learned to accept that there will be a new normal. If there’s anything you know about Scorpios, we do this type of stuff really well. Instead of overeating, being bored, and lamenting my old life, I’ve really honed in on my cooking, makeup, braiding, creative, and loving skills. I’m now realizing how versatile I am.

To that end, it allows me to embrace an open mind when it comes to cooking, dating, dressing up, etc. That said, I thought I’d start relishing in this new feeling of being open to things when it comes to my closet. Enter: Modcloth.

Not sure if you remembered when I did a post featuring Modcloth’s Velvet Blazer and their striped skirt, but they were one of my more popular looks. It just made perfect sense for me to wrap back around and see what my friends over at Modcloth had for the season. Now, I know many of us are confined to our houses, but in true fashionista form, I still feel like it’s totally appropriate to get up every day. No matter if we will be trapped in the house for the next 7 months or not, looking good and feeling good doesn’t is a non-negotiable. I thought I’d share 5 reasons why it’s still totally acceptable (and encouraged) to still dress up and look good during a quarantine.

You Get to Experiment with Looks

All of this time away from the office or social activities has forced me to take an inventory of my closet and assess what I already have. I was the queen of “wear the outfit once then retire it.” So when I was looking into how I should pair Modcloth’s New Opportunity Linen-Blend suit, I knew I couldn’t just order from the store, I had to make do with whatever I already had.

modcloth plus size
Blazer: Modcloth (size 3x)
Pants: Modcloth (size 24)

Dressing up Can Allow You to Express the BEST parts of you

Anyone who knows me that I LOOOOOVE BEING A SCORPIO! Something about the sign that rises from the ashes, is truly passionate, can spot the snakes in the grass– all while being one of the most coveted signs in the astrology is so illuminating (okay, let me relax, I am starting to sound like a Leo). The Scorpio Zodiac Graphic Tee allows me to express myself in an aesthetically sound manner…if that makes sense. I’ve never been the one to wear a graphic tee with a suit, but it’s how I felt at that moment.

plus size modcloth
Scorpio Graphic Tee: Modcloth

Makeup Makeup Makeup!

As much as I swear that I am a girly girl, my makeup skills aren’t the strongest. But to be honest, my skills have truly sharpened because I’ve been playing in lots of makeup. Learning how to do my brows, contouring techniques, eye shadow, etc. So far, I was asked to participate in 4 dress-up challenges on Instagram. They were pretty much the bane of my existence. Having to wear makeup, switching wigs, changing lip colors, and all of the above…it was a lot. However, I found cool ways of dressing up my looks with new makeup techniques. After all, I felt kinda silly with a new face and my sweats to match.

You Get to Experience Your Home More Intimately

Since we’ve started social distancing, we’ve pretty much have been confined to our homes. Most of you already know this but my grandmother died in 2018. She actually lived right next door to me. She was probably one of the closest people to me as well. I thought it would be cool to snap some flicks in front of her home, while reminiscing over my years living at her house. Soon thereafter, I realized my own home was very photogenic as well. Great backdrops, plants are blooming, amazing lighting. Now I am starting to wonder why I would travel all the way to Beacon Hill.

plus size modcloth
Mules: JustFab

We Won’t Be Like This Forever

For some people like me, we’ve been working from home since March 10th. For others, a lot longer. And unfortunately for many others, some of lost their jobs and their loved ones. It’s such a tough time for many of us. I’ve learned to manage my anxiety by follow the government’s guidance and taking lots of vitamins to aid with immunity. But instead of dwelling and lamenting my old normal, I’m growing and accepting my new normal. Let me tell ya, I’m loving it. I am taking way more showers, connecting with friends more, understanding what someone’s absence does for me, and I thoroughly enjoy shopping…and trust me, I just up like I am in a whole fashion show lol.

I know times are tough, but I feel like we are tougher and we will get through this! Til next time, stay safe, and remember: your hallway is your runway! Break out the cute clothes and STRUT!


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