5 Reasons Why I am Going to Miss Summer Fashion

I know you guys see it. The grass is looking dry, the back to school commercials are popping up by the dozen, and if you are anything like me–you are racking up on the Summer clearance items. Summer fashion is officially fading out. We have a few more weeks to ride out this train and I am going to take full advantage of it. In the early spirit of nostalgia, I wanted to take time to share 5 reasons I am going to miss Summer fashion. It’s honestly the only time of the year where I will get close to my happiest state: NUDE.

1. The Floral Accents: There were so many types of florals this year. Large print. Small print. Kaleidoscopic print. One big ole’ flower. Mixed print florals. Kate Spade inspired florals. My floral swing dress from Gwynnie Bee doubled up as the perfect top in the Summer. Some days I wanted all my legs to be out, and other days I didn’t shave!

Plus Size Summer Fashion Trends

  1. Speaking of legs, I am going to miss the options of having them fully revealed, mid revealed…or bare. This scuba dress from Sweet Funk Boutique is the perfect example of a breathable skirt that provided so much versatility. This year, I truly built up a lot of courage to wear my legs out…I needed more than 3 months to enjoy this.

Plus Size Summer Fashion Trends

3. Mix Matching Accessories: This summer, I learned that mixing patterns and completely off colors was OK. In fact, it was encouraged. A striped clutch mixed with floral was my go to. Check out how well my stripes “match” my florals! I could cry…

Plus Size Summer Fashion Trends

4. Heels that bare all: Now let’s face it, my toes are already numb from most of the heels that I wear. How will I transition them into the Fall without me catching frostbite?

5. Eff it: Eff this whole list…this is what I am gonna do:

  • I am going to wear fall inspired florals and rock them.
  • I am gonna wear super cute tights and rock all my legs out until frostbite eventually catches up with me.
  • I’m going to mix and match my accessories sparingly because all the attention is going to be on my clothes.
  • Heels…Hmmm I will come back to them but I saw a couple of cute Velvet Block Heels that are going to be a Fall and Winter favorite!
  • Plus Size Summer Fashion Trends

Yea, I think I’m gonna be alright. Every season has its strengths so who knows, Fall may be the season I won’t be able to live without.

Until next Summer,


Huge thanks to Brittanny Taylor for the Snaps!

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  1. August 9, 2016 / 4:20 pm

    My body knows fall is coming! Will someone tell my mind? 🙂

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